Money Saving Monday: e-Coupons


Cellfire e-coupons can be loaded onto your cellphone OR your store savings card. I have opted to load mine onto my store savings card. You do have to sign up with your cellphone number for registration purposes though. There are many stores that use cellfire e-coupons such as Kroger, Dillons, Frys, Ralphs, Vons, Safeway, Smiths and several more. New this week, you can load your cellfire coupons onto your shoppers card from the Madame Deals sidebar!

Shortcuts is another company offering e-coupons. Shortcuts offers a variety of coupons and I have had good success with them. Shortcuts e-coupons are available at many of the same stores that Cellfire is accepted.

Do you want to save money for your child’s college? Well, U-promise can help! U-promise offers many ways to save money for college through shopping, linking your store cards, e-coupons and shopping online to name a few. The e-coupons are great! You will not get money off your total at the store. However, the money saved via the e-coupon will go into a college savings account for your child. I have even better news; the U-promise e-coupons can be linked to your CVS, Kroger, Harris Teeter and Food Lion cards!

How do they work? After you load your e-coupons onto your card, they are automatically taken off at checkout when you swipe your store card. For other offers that may be stored on your cellphone, like Jiffy Lube, just show the cashier your coupon on your phone.

Can you load more than one? You can load coupons from all companies onto your card. However, each company only allows you to load one like coupon. Also, if you buy more than one item, the coupon will only apply to one item.

Will e-coupons double? No e-coupons will not double.

How do you delete a coupon? There is no way to delete a coupon stored on your store card until it is expired or used.

E-coupons are easy to use and a good option for those of you that have little time to clip coupons. Just load the e-coupons for products that you use to your card. You can print out a list of coupons that are saved to your card. When looking at your receipt at the grocery store, you should see “SCuts” or “Cfire” and then the coupon amount under the item you bought or near the end of your receipt.

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