Money Saving Monday: Charitable Giving

Money Saving Monday

The theme this week for Money Saving Monday on Inexpensively is Charitable Giving. It is the time of year to be charitable. Unfortunately with the economy in such disarray, donating money is not an option for many of us. That is were couponing comes in! I have been able to be more charitable this year due to my couponing success. I am not donating money necessarily but, products and food items that are free or close to it. Food banks, Christian outreach centers, homeless shelters and animal shelters welcome donations. This year there are even more needy families and I know many of the shelters are low on supplies. This is the perfect time to pick up extra canned goods or donate your free products.

Kamille was nice to e-mail us a list of items that are not covered by food stamps and are needed at shelters: pet food, paper products, soap, household supplies and medicines. Another idea, make gift baskets with the free items and donate them to charities for raffles as a fundraising idea!

Also, remember that there are many children that go without presents and even clothes. Pick up a few inexpensive games at ToysRus this week and donate them. Growing up, my family always picked a name off a giving tree at church. Even though we didn’t have much, we always made sure that families that had nothing were able to open presents on Christmas morning. I have carried this tradition into my adult life and hope my children will carry it on too.


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  1. Tanya P says

    I have picked up a couple of toys, but didn’t think to use my coupons to get needed things for adults. Thanks 🙂

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