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I am going to go out on a limb here and tell you the way I have made enough money to work  part-time.

1) I got a job as a contractor using this website. I was a contractor until I became an employee. I loved getting paid every time I logged in. I loved not having to do a time card. I currently hire all my staff using Odesk and I always will.

2) I earn money by using coupons.  It is not what you save, it is what you spend.

3) Work for CASH by doing surveys or product review here is a list of ones our readers have approved .

4) Work for CREDITS – I sign up for daily deal sites. I like the ones which pay me when someone signs up under me. I like that I get credits toward my own purchases. The one which I have been most successful with is SaveMore.  I find they have the deals I like the most so I am really getting awesome gifts for the holiday. You get a $10 credit for each person signs up … so sign up here so I can build my holiday account.

5) I work to earn money by doing silly things like spinning a wheel.  I just signed up for Superpoints and in two weeks I have earned almost $100.  Here are my codes.

If you want  codes leave a comment or check out my Facebook page.
(At Madame Deals on Facebook if you sign up under me when I post these things you can put up your code one each time I post)
6) Learn to make money building your own business with sites like DAILY DEELZ.
This site works like this:
b) When you sign up you get $5
c) When they buy something you get a % of their sale FOREVER!!! They give you a CASH card. 
d) If you see me post this deal on facebook and you are in my network you can leave your link to have people sign up under you.(I have a record of who is in my network so no funny business)
7) Join sites like no more racks and build your referral to get great big ticket items.  I just ordered an ipod touch for my son for the holiday so I can keep his hands off my ipad2. You could get an ipad2 for referrals. Here is my link
8) Enter Contests You can win great stuff! I have thousands of dollars in prizes each month. I award them to real people just like you. I give away anything and everything. If you have a prize you want me to giveaway let me know by contacting me at [email protected]
9) Blogging I have to say this is the hardest and most time consuming. It is cheap to get started but it takes a long time to make any income. I actually found that the amount of time you spend blogging is far less than I make hourly at my other job. The reason why I do this is it is fun. I do benefit from the above ideas. I do receive free items which make my out of pocket expenses less. I have a couple of reviews to write for some awesome items. Then I ask the companies to give one to one of you. I find blogging to be a fun hobby but I have not made it my full-time job. I actually think it would over take my life because there is always a good deal to post a comment to respond to and emails to read. If you are interested in starting a site or you have one and are looking for tips. I write a column with one of my favorite bloggers Dana at The Coupon Challenge each week o n Sunday called ASK a Blogger.

10. The secret to success is finding what works for you. It is about trying new things and seeing if they work. It is about really giving it a try and working towards your goal. I say give yourself a goal each day and make it happen.

Ask me questions below and I will do my best to answer them.

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  1. Adriana says

    I am a member on oDesk and I find it pretty difficult to get work – bidding goes so low while the job posting’s budget is already low – I wonder how I should reply to employers?

    • says

      I’ve done a lot of work on oDesk too, and it can be very difficult to find good paying jobs there. I mostly do article writing and rewriting. Many of the listings are around $1.00 for a 500 word article. That’s really low pay. However, you can find good clients there if you’re willing to work for the low amount to start with. What I usually do is agree to the low price for an initial set of ten articles, but tell the clients this is a one-time deal at that price. Any future articles they may want to order through me will be at my regular rate of five cents a word.

  2. Carol Collins says

    A very informative post. Thanks. I would love to get started with a SuperPoints code but always seem to be too late for the ones on your FB page.

  3. says

    I have been writing sponsored content on my blog for a couple of years now and have just started tapping into affiliate and deal blogging. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not Rafflecopter is ideal for doing a giveaway, and what the best ways are to host giveaways that will increase readers, page hits and chances for more giveaways and new opportunities. Thanks for writing this, Madame!

  4. says

    Can you tell me…did I sign up with you for Save More? When I first started “surfing blogs a couple of months ago, I believe I saw this before when I first found your website…not sure…but I did sign up for Save More? Just not sure if I saw it here first or not?
    I just went and logged in…and I am ashamed to admit…I am just so ‘girlie girl’ sometimes! 🙂 What greats me on the opening page, Valentines Day Nail Shields…simply irresistible.

  5. betzaida says

    Thanks for your information. I did try nomorerack and they have really good deal the only problem I dont have the money. I have 5 kids and is really hard to spend more than half hour in the computer although I will love to try Superpoints thanks again for your time to help us !!!

    • Angel says

      betzaida- let your kids take turns on Superpoints! Once you get a few referrals you will get 100 spins which is just clicking on a button. I let my son do it cause it keeps his occupied while I cook and he loves it… I dont have patience or time to do that daily! But its nice cause I do get at least an extra $25 a wk in gift cards and take turns with my son to spend the money!

  6. Vicki Hensley says

    Thanks for the information….always looking for a way to make money. I am only working part-time myself outside the home, but very thankful I have a job and I love my job! 😀

  7. Brooke Upchurch says

    Thank you so much for your information! This is helping me so much! I’m a stay at home mom and times are tough so this is very helpful to me! Xoxo! Take care!

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