A Day in the Life of a WAHM


A day in the life of a WAHM


Happy Thursday everyone! As a blogger that (obviously) works at home, I get a of the  “What do you do all day?” questions. The short answer? I work, just like those moms that have a job outside the home. I also take care of my child and my home, just like the stay at home moms. I have the best of both worlds in my opinion, I am a Work at Home Mom!and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who else can get some work done in the middle of a spa day with their kid which requires a green face mask? Exactly!

There are a lot of misconceptions of what that means. People either think 1 extreme or the other, meaning either I ignore my kid all day (as if she would let me) OR I don’t really “work”. I have to explain to people that I can baste a turkey with one hand, and outline my blog post with another! (Well, maybe not but you get what I mean!) So I wanted to share with you what a typical day in the life of a WAHM looks like, at least for my family!

Here is a Day in the Life of a WAHM:

6:15am- My alarm goes off, and I make some kind of hateful sound before forcing myself to open my eyes. (I know a lot of other moms wake up earlier than me, and more power to you, this is about as early as I can wake up unless we are leaving for Disney World)

6:20am- Time to wake up Mini-Me, who like me, makes a sound of disapproval as she wakes up for the day.

6:30-6:50am- Get mini me dressed, presentable, and smiling. We enjoy some time watching the news and sipping on some tea.

6:55am- Wave goodbye to Mini-Me as she gets on the bus. Finish my tea.

7:00am-8:30am- Time to clean. Do this dishes, clean an unknown substance off the bathroom counter (could be toothpaste, could be glue from yesterdays craft project, who knows?), vacuum…twice…(We have 4 cats), fold laundry, put in more laundry, sigh at the amount of laundry that needs to be done.



8:35am- Run around getting dressed and trying to look presentable because I forgot it’s field day today at Mini-Me’s school and I agreed to come help.

8:50am-11:00am- Field Day. It’s hot, it’s loud, but kind of fun! I try not to think about the fact that it’s almost noon and I haven’t even gotten on the computer yet today. So.Much.Work.To.Be.Done!


11:20am-12:30pm- Back home, Finally get on the computer and see that I have 106 unread email, 18 unread messages from my boss and coworkers, 2 requests for a meeting, and a ton of social media work to get done. Type like a mad woman for an hour.

12:35pm-1:20pm- My husband is awake! (He works nights). He informs me he would love if I would make him lunch today. (Why he can’t tell me the night before, I have no idea). But I’m an awesome wife, so I get up and make him lunch. Speaking of lunch, have I eaten today? I don’t think I have..Time for some hummus! While eating some hummus and answering some emails, My husband and I like watching The Chew! (One of the only reasons I can cook now ha!). When it’s over I send off my husband with lunch and a kiss.

1:30pm- An hour until Mini-Me gets home, time to get some blog posts written! I need to edit those pictures from my recipe shoot yesterday first. Edit, Edit, Edit, write, edit, post, promote, repeat!


2:40pm- Mini-Me is home! She’s had a good day today and shows me all the fun stuff she did in school today, and informs me she really wants a smoothie. (A smoothie sounds really good when all you’ve had is tea and hummus all day. $8 for 2 smoothies seems silly, be we were out of milk and I think the strawberries went bad, so Peach Slice Plus it is!

3:00- Phone call from the boss (AKA- Ms.Madame Deals) Luckily she has 3 kids of her own, so Mini-Me singing “Let it Go!” at the top of her lungs doesn’t bother her at all. We chat about what we need to do this week for exposure (Speaking of, thanks for reading this post!)

3:30pm-4:30pm- Help Mini-Me with homework (which I was not expecting her to have in Kindergarten!) and chores. We also have a dance party, because you have to enjoy the little things sometimes.

4:45pm- Speaking of dance….It’s time for dance class! I get Mini-Me dressed in her super cute leotard and tights and force her to let me put her hair up. (She claims she doesn’t like it up, but that’s because she likes to watch her hair swing around when she twirls in the mirror).

4:47pm- Turn around and go back home because she has left her tap shoes at home.

5:05pm-6:30pm- We are late to class, so Mini-Me rushes strait into Hip-Hop class. I sit down with the other moms and hop on my phone to again check emails and social media. I respond to what I can, and I’ll be honest, I browse Facebook for a few minuets. Mini-Me heads to her next class (combo ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling) and dances around for another hour. (Turns out we didn’t even need tap shoes today, figures!).



6:45pm-7:30pm- Pizza Kits from dance fundraiser have arrived, I load them in the car and deliver them like the Santa of pizza! On dance class days Mini-Me and I eat out, so she has picked sub for dinner, and I’m good with that!

8:00pm- Home again! Time to give Mini-Me a bath, put on some comfy pjs and read her a story. Lights out at 8:20pm! (Luckily she is worn out from a full day and doesn’t give me any trouble tonight, score!)



8:30pm-10:30pm- Now that it is nice and quiet, it’s time to catch up on Game of Thrones (LOVE) and some more work while sipping on a glass of wine. I love having a few hours to myself. (This is all dependent on if A) Jaiden goes to bed on time, B) If I got all the laundry done earlier in the day and C) If I have enough energy not to just fall asleep right when I put Mini-Me to bed.

11:00pm- Take a nice hot shower and head to bed.

11:15pm- Get back out of bed, I forgot tomorrow is Water Day and Mini-Me needs a change of clothes, a packed lunch, and a signed permission form. While I’m downstairs I might as well go ahead and pick up the toys that are hanging out in the livingroom.

Midnight- Finally, time to go to bed. (And by go to bed I mean read Buzzfeed on my phone until I pass out.)


So there you have it, a typical day in the life of a WAHM! Well I should say MY typical day, since I know my life is different than a lot of other WAHM’s. To some my life seems easy, to others it might not sound fun at all, but I promise it is!

What about you? Are you a Work at Home Mom , A stay at Home Mom, or a working mother? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I found you on pintrest am as always intrested in WAHM since i was one til i was forced to have a stay at home dad. Any how i always wanted to blog on the side but dont know how to get started i guess, so i was wondering how you got started and is their anything you would like to share about your blogging experience.

  2. You just made me tired! lol.

    I work at home, both on my blog and my Etsy shop. Then you add in trying to make the budget stretch as far as possible (ie. lots of making everything from scratch, coupon clipping, deal hunting, etc), living in a fixer-upper with lots of DIY projects, and having a 2 year old…….the days get long…and sometimes filled with lots of Curious George and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so Mama can make a deadline.

    We’re planning on homeschooling so life could get even more interesting a few more kids and years from now.

    • Oh I hear you! Around here it is lots of Spongebob (ugh) and Frozen LOL! I’ve always respected moms that can homeschool, I don’t think I ever could!

  3. This was a great blog post. I am SAHM currently, but soon to be WAHM. I also homeschool. With a good schedule, it’s all possible. My older 2 are 9 and 10, while my youngest is 2. The age gap is a gift and a curse, but as a family unit, we make it all work! I am so interested in blogging, I just don’t know where to start.