Mom, the Kitchen is a mess .. You saved too much money?

This is what my son said after I cam home from my shopping trip. I did something I normally do not do. I hit more than one store. I usually only go to one store a week and sometimes a drug store. I did have some coupons that were expiring and I couldn’t resist the cheap pull-ups at Walgreens.

I went to Walgreens and I grabbed the diapers (pull- ups). Click for other Diaper deals.

Before shopping .. If you do not normally follow us you  may think this is weird but I want you to realize we eat real food so if my trips look strange it is because I am supplementing my stockpile.

Kroger.. Yup 10 containers of wipes. Ribs, Chickens, Boars Head Ham, Soup, $3.99 Blueberries. Spent $49.61 Saved $17.29 (only used coupons for the wipes and 1 yogurt)

Diapers, Laundry soap, Aveeno, juice boxes, muffin mix… nothing really exciting above that is why it is shocking that it would have cost $126.96 if I didn’t use coupons! I spent only $51.17.

My theory on coupon shopping is anyone can do it. You have to invest time into it. I saved $100 this week .($5200 a year) It takes me about two hours a week to stay organize so I made $50 an hour while watching TV. (so approx 104 hours a year) Still not enough time? I bet most of us spend more time each week watching commercials at least make them profitable :)

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