Mistle”Toes” Holiday Canvas

Mistle”Toes” Holiday Canvas

MistleToes canvas


Looking for a fun craft to do with your kids this holiday season? Here is a super cute craft, a Mistle”Toes” Holiday Canvas made using your little ones foot print! Me and my little girl had such a good time making this craft, and it looks oh-so-cute hanging on our wall! It doesn’t take long to do, and you can keep it as a decoration for years to come! To make this craft you will need a canvas, paint (red, yellow and green), paintbrushes and some feet! 

Here is how to make this Mistle”Toes” Holiday Canvas:


Step 1: First, you will want to gather your supplies and pick a spot to do your project, I found doing it on the floor was easier. With your green paint, paint your childs foot green, make sure to coat it well so it will transfer better onto the canvas!


Step 2: Next lay your canvas down flat, and press your childs painted foot onto the canvas, make sure to leave in on the canvas for a few seconds to let the paint transfer. Lift straight up so you don’t smear the paint!


Step 3: Do the same for the other foot, placing them right next to each other on the canvas. You can fill in any part of the foot that the paint didn’t transfer well on.


Step 4: add some pretty yellow dots around your feet (or any pattern you would like!)


Step 5: With your red paint, add bows and strings that your mistle”toes” will hang from!


Step 6: Hopefully in better handwriting then mine,add your Mistle”Toes” and what year it is! That’s it, super simple and festive!

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  1. Jane Ritz says

    Those are so cute. I’m going to pass this along to my grown children. I would love them to make mistletoes of the grandchildren.

  2. Jenni says

    Omgosh this is too cute!!! I love the Mistle Toes Idea!!! Def going to try this with my two girls!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Alison says

    I love the idea of using toes from children, because you have their feet (and sometimes their hands) for a long time and it is neat to look at again – thank for this idea – so cute!

  4. Danielle Lindquist says

    This is super cute!! Love the homemade kids Christmas decorations!! I plan to make a playhouse for my son out of my walk in closet and things like these would be awesome to decorate the inside of his playhouse with at Christmas time, not to mention the rest of the house! Thanks

  5. Sherrie Mullen says

    These are so cute buuut Idk if my kids would be willing to stick their feet in paint! they’re a little finicky haha

  6. Jessica Claypool says

    These are so cute!! Since my little guy keeps getting BIGGER and I am sure his little feet will get GINORMOUS and stinky before I can blink my eyes – I am convinced I need to do this craft!! 🙂 🙂

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