Mission Angel Giveaway Grand Prize $100

Mission Giveaway started with the $100 Story where with $100 several people received the help they needed. We are on a mission to help people! We have gathered a group of bloggers that want to make a difference. Together we are the Mission Giveaway Group!

This week we are bringing back Mission Angel where with the Grand Prize of $100, 5 people will WIN $10 for themselves and get $10 to GIVE to someone else. Who will you Pay It Forward to?

Grand Prize: $100

5 Winners – each will WIN $10 for themselves and $10 to GIVE


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Here’s How You Enter:

The Giveaway will open up on Tuesday 1/24 at 12:01 am EST and Close on Friday 1/27 at 11:59 pm EST.

1) Start at the Rafflecopter Giveaway form below.

2) Complete the Mandatory entries.

3) Work your way through the links, entering contests at each blog as you go. These contests each have their own rules and end dates.

4) Complete additional entries towards the bottom and come back for additional daily entries!


That’s it! You have successfully entered this awesome giveaway! Side note…It’s not mandatory that you enter all the giveaways at each blog. However, doing so not only increases your chances of WINNING the other prizes, it increases your chances of WINNING the Grand Prize!

Good luck!!


The amazing Blogs participating in the event this week are:

Slop Swap, Madame Deals, Must Love Coupons, Moms Saving Money, Go Momma Coupons, the Coupon Girl, Taking Time for Mommy, Have Kids Will Coupon, Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink, The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug, Wishful Thinking 247, Planet Weidknecht, Tales From the Nursery, Deal Hunting Diva, Utah Coupon Deals, Klippin’ Krazy Koupons, Couponista Queen, Meg’s Moxie, Sason and Pobi, Tammilee Tips, Couponing to be Debt Free, Money Savvy Michelle, Money Saving Michele, Heavenly Savings, Untrained Hair Mom, Momondealz, Insights by April, My UnEntitled Life, SlickHousewives, Stretching Your Budget, Living at the Whiteheads Zoo

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  1. Lisa S. says

    I would take the full $20 and use it to buy groceries. I’d then turn those groceries into freezer meals for my mom. She will soon be having surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her forehead and I’m sure there will be a few days when she’s not going to be in the mood to cook. I have a key to her house, so the meals would be waiting when she got home, rather than her ordering takeout like she always does and raising her cholesterol even higher than it already is. At least I know she’d have healthy, low-cholesterol meals to fall back on.

  2. Janet Jackson says

    I would share with my friend Margaret that recently lost the baby she was carrying and has no income. Thanks for the chance to win and share!

  3. Angela says

    My child’s school is continuously doing fundraisers, and the current one is Penny Power for TARC for the disabled children. Would love to send this as an additional donation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. heather says

    I would share it with my fiances’ aunt darla she is the kindest person always helping people out and in doing so has put herself in a financial burden while the person she helped moves out without caring

  5. Bridget Williams says

    I would share the prize with my 14 year old son. With 7 kids in the house he is right in the middle and he is always doing stuff for other people as well. He helps escort his sister to her special education class at school, he lets her hang around with him and his friends ( she is 15), he is an amazing artist and would use this to buy art supplies. He is just such an all around good kid who deserves to have something nice done for him for a change. He is my biological baby of the family and yet it seems he is always sacrificing for everyone else.

  6. Sheri L. says

    I’d give the entire $20 to my grandma. She lives on social security (which is not very much) so I’d love to be able to treat my grandma to an ice cream sundae, something she hasn’t had in a long time and let her use the rest for her bills.

  7. says

    When it comes to the word “share” there is only one person that comes out from my mind- Venessa. She is my friend. Everytime, i receive blessings from God, i share it with her. If i were the Grand prize winner, in God’s will and plan, I wanna share it with her and her family and with my family.

  8. Dawn Loughner says

    I would share it with my dad. My husband sustained a severe brain injury & with his loss of income I had to sell our car. My dad drives us everywhere & never asks for gas money.

  9. says

    Call me a sucker for those less fortunate but it seems I cant help it. Don’t get me wrong I struggle everday to make it but I just cant see people suffering or freezing! First it was gas money for a woman to come to my house and get some winter boots and sneakers because all she had was a pair of croc’s. Living in New England that is not acceptable to me.
    Now today I am going thrift shop shopping because another woman that I met here on the internet that lives relativley close (still may have to mail it) is in desperate need of a winter coat and can’t afford to get one. I can not see her status that she just shoveled in a spring coat and is freezing her tooch off! Not on Jaime’s watch today I will find her a winter jacket!

  10. TonyandMelissa Weber says

    We would share it with our Mother (my inlaw) because not only has she been a great person, but she’s gone far and beyond for her family even if she couldn’t afford it!

  11. athena says

    i read a little while ago that you left a $10 envelope on someones windsheild. i absolutely loved that idea, as soon as i read it i couldnt stop telling people about it. if i won this that is exactly how i would pay it forward. i would go to my local mall and find the most beatup car with a carseat and leave it on their windsheild, and on the front say ‘pay it forward’

  12. pamela jester says

    I go to the Women’s Shelter everyday and volunteer my time and this would be a blessing! I would give all the money to the children or buy them what they wanted! I just love to see those smiles every time i walk in that door!! I don’t need the money, the only reason I enter anything is for them!! I pay it forward everyday!!! God bless those children!!!

  13. Ann says

    If I won I would give the whole $20 to my elderly friend who is really struggling to get through the winter since they cut 3/4 of her fuel assistance. Maybe we could go to lunch or something a little extra special. I love elderly people and am really sad over all the budget cuts they are going through.

  14. jennifer horn says

    I would give it to a college student o could use it. a lot of them are on a tight budget and that could make a difference to them.

  15. tina reynolds says

  16. Celesia Vargas says

    I would share the money with my local animal shelter! It is winter time and they do so much to keep the homeless animals warm.

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