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Amee and I both use for our personal and business budgeting and tracking. is a FREE service that allows you to track information for your checking, credit cards, bills and investments.

Before I started using, I was not very good at tracking where my money was going. Now it is easy to see where I spending the most with cool graphs! I have also set a budget for each category such as groceries, clothing and restaurants. Although I am not completely strict on our budget, it is nice to have a goal. sends me an email if I am over budget in a category.  It is easy to set up the budget categories and assign a dollar amount. Plus, it is easy to make adjustments when your budget needs change.

I also love the fact that I can manage all of my bank accounts all in one place! Since we have accounts at two different banks it can be difficult to keep everything straight. By using, all of our transactions are tracked in one place.

One of the biggest concerns with managing finances online is security. is VeriSign Secured and offers bank level security. They never ask for your personal identification information such your address, social security number or passwords. allows you to organize and analyze your financial information but you cannot move money around.

If you are not using currently, sign up for free and give it a try! If you are already using, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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