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Michael Angelo's Review

The best part about being a blogger is I get to try things. I get to test them in the real world. Then I get to report on them. It is kinda of like a game of telephone on a larger scale. The true story is on Thursday we have a horrible schedule. I was looking for a solution to dinner aside from order a pizza. I wanted a healthier alternative.

We tried Stouffer’s meat lasagna which was our families favorite. We like the taste, price, and time it takes to cook. It is great for a pinch. I had never heard of Michael Angelo’s lasagna until I attended blogher where i met the owner and his mom. I also had the pleasure of tasting a sample at their booth. I tried to hangout as long as possible just to smell what they were cooking since it was so wonderful!

As you know, Michael Angelo’s is committed to never using the preservatives, stabilizers, artificial flavors or colors found in most frozen meals. Each meal is handcrafted from the recipes of Sara Angelo, an Italian mother of five boys. You’ll only find real, whole ingredients found in a genuine Italian kitchen, including heirloom garlic, vine-ripened tomatoes, authentic Italian cheeses, premium meats, fresh semolina pasta and hand-selected herbs and spices.

The big taste test was a big success at our house. I was recently asked to try some frozen lasagna. This was an easy request to grant. I could not cook and say it is part of my job. I am honestly always looking for great easy to throw in dinners because I attend school on Tuesday night and my babysitter isn’t ready to really cook dinner for my family. I was asked to try a family favorite Stouffers lasagna and compare it to Michael Angelo’s frozen meat lasagna.

The first thing I did was compare cost. Then I compared ingredients. Then we compared taste. The Michael Angelo lasagna was more expensive. I had a coupon for the Stouffers so I used that. I was going to grab a Michael Angelo lasagna but they were all out. I instead grabbed the Chicken Piccata and an Eggplant Parmesan because they looked so amazing. In this case looks were not deceiving they were both yummy! They were easy to prepare and my family ate so much that I now buy two boxes for our family of five instead of one.

Yes, I am getting back to my original task the cooking and eating of lasagna. I began reading the ingredients on the side of the box. I was able to clearly see that Michael Angelo’s ingredients were easy to identify and high quality. They only use premium grade A and naturally raised meat. They use imported Italian chesses, and fresh herbs , garlic, and vegetables.

Well so what did my family like better the lasagna packed with fresh ingredients or the other one. The kids liked Stouffers and my husband and myself preferred the Michael Angelo’s. I think it had more to do with what they were used to. We have since gone to buying both. I am fine with having a house divided. I am also happy to report I was very pleased with my additional purchases of Michael Angelo’s products. You can try yours by looking at select Walmarts and Sams clubs. They also have a great list of stores that carry these as fresh as possible frozen meals that are ready for your family.

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