Menu Plan : Week of August 26th


Organizing Your Week Begins with a Menu Plan


I have started home schooling this school year and decided that I want to make meal time easier since we will be eating them all together at home. I was impressed by Amee’s dedication to her Menu Plan and decided to give it a try. It took me about 1 hour to plan my menu, make my grocery list after examining my stockpile and getting my coupons in order. I know that I will make my time up during the week when I don’t have to stop and come up with a dinner plan. 

Menu Plan 12


I have included a Snack into my Menu Plan along with Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.

Check out my plan and find the recipes for these great dishes

 Menu Plan

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  1. Now that it is just me and the hubby, I plan my meal around what a make for sunday dinner, usually a roast, or chicken or something of that kind and then I plan the other days meals using the left overs from the roast, We go shopping one time a week and get what we need then, I do plan out what we can have and then make sure I include what we need on the grocery list.

  2. I plan my meals around the grocery sales and foods that hubby and I like to create a plan for a couple of weeks at a time.

  3. I plan my meals while I’m shopping. I shop according to my favorite store’s sale items and coupons I have. Then I plan meals with what I can afford to purchase. Once I have most of the major discounted items I know my family likes, then I try to find inexpensive, out other sale items, that can go with them. It’s not the easiest way, but when you’re not a professional with coupons and on a tight budget with a large household, it’s the best I can do. I can’t always shop during specific sales because I might not have the money that week, or I might not be feeling well enough to do it that week. We spend thousands a month on food to feed our kids and ourselves. I wish I was better at couponing, but it’s so much to learn, and some of it I just can’t physically or mentally do. It takes a lot of hard work and devotion to save that much money. It’s almost as if you’re working for that pay in money you’re saving. In some cases you spend so much in printer ink and paper that you’ve got to get good deals on that too to make up for it! The people on the TV shows had entire rooms devoted to stock of things they bought on sale or free, but what about that spare room you could be renting out or not paying extra for?

  4. I check the grrocery deals, what I have in stock– especially fresh items hat may need to used, and check my husbands meal preferences for the week. If I am making something I have to buy full price items for, it might as well be something he will enjoy and appreciate!!