Menu Plan & Pantry Challenge Follow Up

Since the completion of the Pantry Challenge, I have meant to tell you all a few things. Life has been busy! A full two weeks later, I am ready to give you all my thoughts!

The Pantry Challenge went so much better than I ever thought. Menu planning was my saving grace. For the last two weeks I have not written up a menu plan and I have missed it! Having a plan in place makes dinner decisions so much easier. It also pushes me to try new recipes and be creative.

The other thing I realized when doing the Pantry Challenge was that there are three ingredients that are used in many recipes: garlic, lemon and lime. I ran out of all three things during the challenge. Several recipes called for lemon or lime juice and I really missed the zip the juice gives. Simple recipes can become flavorful with adding a bit of garlic or citrus juice.

Dinner Menu Plan

Monday: BBQ Chicken, Baked Potatoes & Green Bean Casserole

Tuesday: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (from freezer) & Hot Dogs (I know real exciting, but it is a work day!)

Wednesday: Spaghetti & Bread

Thursday: Burritos made w/ homemade Refried Beans

Friday: Quiche (I used my BOGO dozen eggs coupon; lots of eggs to use!)

Saturday: Left Overs

Sunday: Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes (I have potatoes that need to be used up this week) & Corn

Do you have a menu  plan for the week? I would love to hear about new recipes. If you have a link to a recipe, leave it in the comments!

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