Memory Foam Mattress Reviews: Tempurpedic Cloud Ergo Mattress Review


Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

memory foam mattress reviews

I’ve had back pain for years now. Enough to drive me (and my husband!) crazy, but not enough to seek out doctor’s advice or medication. I assumed it was just me-after all, we owned a pricey pillow top mattress. I had been eyeing the tempurpedic beds for quite some time-ever since the bed came out. I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a bed. However, when we received out tax refund last year, my husband and I decided it was time to take the plunge and try one out.

We went to our local sleepy’s mattress store to try out the different styles tempurpedic offers. We spent well over an hour talking to the sales lady and hopping from display bed to display bed. We picked out a queen sized cloud mattress with an ergo base. With a $3,000 price tag, I had high expectations for this bed! We couldn’t wait for it to be delivered (delivery was free!!).

Aside from a mild funky smell, we had no issues when our bed arrived. The smell is typical of memory foam–and they warn you ahead of time about it. It airs out in 1-2 days. The first thing we did was play with the ergo base. It allows you to adjust the head and feet of the bed. It has been a great extra these last few months as I am currently 9 months pregnant–it’s so much easier to get comfortable when I can elevate my feet and/or head–and it makes watching movies and late night tv more enjoyable. The only suggestion i would make is to store the remote under the bed if you have little ones. One of our boys was able to pull the cord from the remote. It was easy to reattach. We noticed a difference in our quality of sleep the first night. I awoke with no back pain–the support the bed offered was amazing! I have not woken up with back pain since purchasing this bed. That alone makes it worth the price for me. It also includes a 20 year warranty-so we will not have to purchase a new bed for a long while! We’ve owned the bed for just over a year, and I’m glad we made the choice to buy the tempurpedic ergo bed. We would make the choice again given the option.

Thanks to Sarah Beth B. for this memory foam mattress reviews!

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