Memories: Charity

This series on how to make the most out of the time you have with your children is brought to you by Amee at Madame Deals and Sharon at Mom on Dealz.

I am really working on teaching my children to be charitable. I have started scanning the papers for events in my area to attend and support. The power of social media and with the internet is very easy to find events that speak to your interests. It is also a great way to get you to try new things or to challenge yourself to do things you never thought you would. We recently had the pleasure of going to a spa day at the local church to support housing in our community. I know it was just a gym but it was a great experience for myself and my daughter. We had tea sandwiches and she got her nails done. We followed it all up with a mask. I bought a mask for us to use at home because she enjoyed it so much. It was nice to have a couple of hours with my little girl and to give to people who are in need. I always say you never know when you will be on the receiving end. It all comes back we were able to help those in need and we created memories that will live in our hearts.

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