Meet the New gapNsnap App

Earn Rewards for Snapping the Gaps on Store Shelves with gapNsnap.


Make money while shopping by snapping the item tags that have gaps (items are out of stock). 

I recently heard about a new app that lets you earn money for telling them what is NOT on store shelves. This intrigued me as most apps that reward you in the stores want to know what is on shelves or what you are buying. I wanted to learn more so I reached out to the owner of the app to find out what is the mission behind gapNsnap.

gapNsnap was created to allow Manufacturers and Distributors to see where there products are missing from Grocery Store shelves. This allows them to learn more information about the demand for their product. They are using you the shopper/consumer to relay this information to you. Don’t worry they don’t expect you to do all this for free. They are rewarding you with points and cash for participating in their campaigns.

Since I had never heard of this app and it is new I had some questions and you may also on how this all works. Read these popular questions and their answers.

How do I get started?

Download the app for FREE at the iPhone App Store.

Is it available for Android, Windows and Blackberry Phones?

At this time, it is only available in iOS format. They are in the process of creating an Android app and working to make it look and work the same as the iOS version

How do I use it?

Launch the App before going into the store.

Select your location.

Snap away while you are shopping.

End your session.

Sync up when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Get Rewarded.

You can see how to use gapNsnap with their simple “How To” videos.

How do I get paid and how long does it take?

Payment is sent via PayPal and they strive to have payments sent within 24 hours of the campaign/snap sessions submission.

 Are there ever Special Campaigns or Opportunities? 

Yes and right now gapNsnap has a special opportunity available for users in the Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, MI, and Chicago areas. For more information you can contact them at [email protected].

 To stay up to date on the latest news follow gapNsnap on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the gapNsnap website for more information.


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