Meet Our New Additions: Chickens!

barred rock chickens

As if I wasn’t busy enough with a husband, two boys, two dogs, a cat, working full time and working on Madame Deals- I decided we should add chickens to the mix! I grew up having chickens and I have been wanting my children to grow up with that experience. My husband was finally on board with the idea and we brought home our chicks a couple of weeks ago.

We ended up getting  three Barred Rocks and three Americaunas. They are about 7 weeks old now. It will be awhile until we have eggs but my boys adore the chickens!

Yes, I am a country girl! I love gardening and being outdoors. I want my boys to grow up with similar experiences. It is so wonderful to hear Mason talk excitedly over the garden growing or picking a green bean! I can’t wait until he finds an egg in the coop!

Speaking of coop:

chicken coupe image

This is the chicken coop that my husband built! Being in the construction industry came in handy as he was able to gather scraps from various jobs. We did have to buy some of the wood and paint, but a lot of it is material that was re-purposed.

I know chickens are not for everyone- Amee still gets a good laugh every time I say the word “chicken”! And that is why I love working with Amee, two opposite backgrounds and personalities. Country girl meets Palm Beach girl with one common interest, doing the best for their families by making dollars out of change!

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    Hi! I’m a country girl too! I love chickens and have had them for the past 7 years. Sadly I’m without a flock right now and want to start over with some Partridge Rocks (love the Barred & Americaunas–your kids will love the colored eggs). I also wanted my kids to grow up loving farm life and have done my best to give them those experiences without actually living on a farm 🙂 Enjoyed reading this post. Tell your husband he did a GREAT job on the coop!


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