Mc. ILHenny CO- Saves my meals

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Well, I have to be truthful this TABASCO@ sauce by TABASCO® Original Red saves my marriage daily. I am a great cook when you add this sauce to my creations. I have a habit of throwing items together in my Crock pot and frankly they lack something. The items above along with some fresh green peppers, onions, and 1LB of ground beef make up my chili for the day.  I find the sauce adds taste and not heat to my creations.

I say that TABASCO® Original Red has saved my marriage because my husband puts it on everything I cook. He puts it on fries, eggs, chicken, salad, fish, Mexican food, chili, and even on pizza. There are some great ideas on this site that will show you how to have Pizza Perfected .

 We are huge football fans and during each game this season I threw together some chili to place on nachos or hot dogs. I always add a little TABASCO sauce and then my husband adds more on his portion when I wasn’t  looking. The sauce has saved my marriage because my husband eats anything that  I cook he just adds his secret ingredient. I like to think the sauce is so great he can’t help himself over the truth that my cooking requires a little something to make sure it is good!

If your food needs a little flavor try out this great sauce to find a wonderful recipe for your Super  Bowl party or any/ every meal try the Game-Day Party Menu.


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