Massanutten Review


Massanutten Review

This weekend we went to Massanutten Waterpark. I was excited to complete a Massanutten Review. It was a pleasant drive and not that far away from Charlottesville. We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the resort. The resort had a nice layout with an arcade, sweet shop, and gift shop. You purchase bands that you wear during your duration of your visit. There is a band that is used for the younger children since they are prohibited from a couple of the slides.


Massanutten Review

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of slides that my 2 year old and 4 year old could go on. I was actually shocked that my two year old got on the big slide not once but multiple times. They also had a hot tub for adults only which my husband seemed to enjoy. I took the older children on the tube rides and they were actually very fun. I have been to several other indoor water parks and theme parks and I have to say in terms of value Massanutten was reasonable. The park offers a variety of lunch options we chose the café in the park. The meals were reasonable and it cost us $40.00 for 6 people to eat. The bacon cheeseburger I ate was actually very good. I would say that the dining area should be limited to people who are actually eating or in line to eat. I found it frustrating to have to stalk tables while many were full of people’s stuff that were in the park. I believe that everyone family should receive a locker because taking a whole table is crazy considering you are only going to use it for an hour to eat. We found that most chairs were also taken by the time we arrived at 10:30 that is just 30 minutes after the park opened. The only other area of concern is the bathrooms if you wish to change before going home they have three open showers to wash off in. I think they would have benefited more from closed shower stalls since I had no intention of actually getting washed off without my bathing suit on when I saw the  layout.  Then there were a couple of closed dressing stalls. I guess their primary customer is staying on site so they would use the showers. I however wasn’t so I wanted to take a real shower prior to driving home.


I can say except for the lack of a private shower everything else was really nice. The kids have already started to ask when can we go back. There was something for everyone there. The staff was helpful, informed and attentive. We would visit Massanutten again. We are aware that they have a resort and feature skiing as well so we will have to check that opportunity out.


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  1. connie says

    Was this a trip that your family was able to take from your being a blogger and this was free and you just had to do a review? Just wondering as I see you doing so many wonderful things just from having this blogg it seems.

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