Making the Most out of Rainchecks

Beef Roast

I am over budget this week. BUT I ended up with about $23 worth of chuck roast for $6.19!

As you know by now, I have been participating in the pantry challenge this month. I set my grocery budget at $40 per week for the challenge. I have been doing fairly well at staying on budget and not shopping as much. This week I caved a teeny bit!

Harris Teeter had their Angus Beef Chuck Roast for 50% off this week. I had a raincheck for early in December for buy one Angus Beef Chuck Roast, get one free. This was the perfect opportunity to use the raincheck! The manager had no problem with me using it either! And I promise to not let one of these roasts go to the dogs! If a store is out of an item, make sure to ask for a raincheck. Using a raincheck at a later date could end up being better in the long run.

I also stocked upon Johnsonville Italian Sausage. It freezes well and ads a nice flavor to spaghetti and lasagna. At $1.89 a package after coupon, I couldn’t resist! The tuna medallions also found their way to my cart at $4.99/lb. It just sounded good!

I also ended up doing the Betty Crocker deal- buy 15 items and get $5 off instantly. What prompted me to complete this deal is that I already had (2) coupons for free products- Yoplait Smoothie and Yoplait Fiber 4 pack. I also had several other coupons that made most participating items free or very inexpensive.

In all, I spent $34.86 at Harris Teeter and saved $60.08!

I also shopped at Kroger this week for produce and dairy products. Some items I purchased were on the more expensive side for a the Butternut Squash Ravioli’s in POM Pomegranite Sauce recipe (look for an upcoming review/giveaway for POM). I spent $18.19 and saved $1.84.


Spent: $53.05;  $13.05 over budget

Saved: $61.92

How did you do this week? Grab any great deals?


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