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Readers we would like to add a column to our line up. The column will be about activities that can be done for under $10. Do you have an idea? Contact us and let us know.(there   contact us button at the bottom of this post)  We will run articles from you. We developed this website to help everyone live “within the budget” but it was also created as a place where you could come and share your experiences and tips. We welcome you because you are part of the Madame Deals family and your views, tips, and thoughts are appreciated!

Amee Here is one of my families favorite activities making soup!

It is fun and Delicious

Here is a recipe that I got from my friend Jacki

1/2 package of Italian sausage $3.99 in 1/2 is $2.00

1 large can of crushed tomatoes $1.00

1 large box of Chicken Broth $1.50

1 box of pasta shells $1.00

1  or 2 leafs of fresh basil $.25

1 bag of shredded mozeralla cheese $1.25

1 bag of fresh spinach $2.50

1 glove of garlic $.25

  1. Step one brown the meat.
  2. Place the chicken stock on the stove on warm.
  3. Throw in the can of tomatoes.
  4. Then crush the garlic and throw that in.
  5. Then I place the soup on high I bring it to a boil and throw in the spinach.
  6. Then turn it back down to warm and place in the meat.
  7. In a seperate pot I cook the pasta usuall about 3 cups. We have a family of four and this is plenty.
  8. When I am ready to serve the soup I place the pasta in the bowls first.
  9. Then I add the soup.
  10. This way ifyou have the soup left ovr you can freeze it since the pasta will not freeze well.
  11. I then place the cheese on top. YUMMY!!!
  12. note: to make a batch to freeze use all the sausage and add another can of crushed tomatoes and another box of chicken stock.

To freeze let the soup cool. Then take out a ziplock bag and palce your soup in the bag. Place this bag in the freezer flat. Viola, dinner another night.

This is a family favorite it is hearty and easy!!!

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