Making Memories: Creating T-Shirts for Holidays



I have a family tradition that is unique to our family according to my husband. I run out every Valentine’s day and buy the children shirts. I am sad to say this will be the last year that I can buy shirts at a store because my son is in their largest size. I guess big boys do not wear Valentines day shirts. I decided that I am going to make our own summer camp shirts to wear when we go out this summer. It will make it easier to find the children and provide a memory that will last them for a lifetime. We all know I love finding a good deal so every time Vistaprints has the $2 shirt plus shipping offer I am taking advantage of it.

Click Below if you are looking for a fun way to brand your family this year… I think The Madame Deals Camp Crew sounds good.

Vistaprint $2 T-shirt
What would you put on a shirt for your family?

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  1. Lorie McGuire says

    My mom always gave my three sisters and I a gift for Valentines and Easter when we were younger. The shirts are a cute idea.

  2. felisa says

    It is a great idea to make summer shirts so your kids dont get lost. I try my best to keep my kids with me but there have been a few scares. They were short lived and I found my daughter right away, but it would have been so much easier if she had a unique shirt that stood out. Great idea

  3. Jennifer Hedden says

    This is such a great idea. It always means so much to have great family traditions. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jayme From WI says

    I love it! It’s such a fun tradition.

    Something you may want to consider is that if you cannot find one in your son’s size, how about making your own shirts? Craft stores have iron ons and affordable shirts to put them on–you and your kids could work to design them, and then you can do the iron on. It’s so much easier than it sounds.


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