Making Dollars Out of Change: The Penny Experiment

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What is a penny worth? Do you stop in your tracks to pick up a lone penny?

Madame Deals is excited to announce that they will be participating in the Penny Experiment. It all started when Jeffrey picked up a deserted penny on the sidewalk. As he picked up the penny, teenagers near by laughed at the act. Many people think of a penny as worthless. How many times have you heard “It is just a penny.”?

That lone penny has inspired Jeffrey to start an experiment to see how far he can stretch that penny. He sold the original found penny for $10. Now artists are creating artwork based on a penny. The artwork will be sold to provide money for Coupon Bloggers to purchase food for local food banks. The goal is to turn that one penny into 1 million dollars of donated food to local food banks.

Madame Deals will be seeing how far they can stretch their pennies to provide as much food as possible for the local food bank. Their progress will be documented along the way with pictures and video so you can see how much food is collected. The goal is to purchase as much food as possible with the least amount of money out of pocket. It is going to take some thrifty shopping and a lot of coupons!

ThePenny Experiment fits right along with Madame Deals new weekly feature, Making Dollars Out of Change. The goal is to teach you how making small changes in your life can be financially beneficial. Whether it is changing how you think, what you do or how you spend, little changes lead (even a penny!) can make a big impact.

If you have any coupons that will net free food that you will not be using, please contact Madame Deals. Those coupons will be put to good use!

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  1. Jeffrey Strain says

    I’m so glad that you have joined the PennyExperiment and I can’t wait to see how much we can help your local food bank.

    • Emmy says

      I would like to join as well. ^^ My artwork isn’tfantastic, but i know a bunch of artist who would also like to get inoled, this sounds like fun! Thanks for letting me get involved!

      • madamedeals says

        If you are looking to get involved with the Penny Experiment, please contact Jeffrey at savingadvice at gmail dot com

        Thank you!


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