Making Dollar$ Out Of Change Blog Carnival

Welcome to my first Money Saving Blog Carnival. We can all learn how to Make Dollar$ out of Change.
The key to saving money is knowing how to spend it.  We would like to invite you to read some amazing saving tips from bloggers in our community. This is a carnival and we know the best thing about a carnival other than the food is a great prize. We have a coach purse to award one of you! I mean you need a place to put all of the cash you will be able to save.

If you are looking for other money saving article written by me you can read our Savings Tips Articles. One of my favorite money saving tips has been to Make my own Body Wash. I also love making my own Laundry Soap over the last year has saved me hundreds of dollars. It was the perfect solution to my children who has severe eczema.


1) Read an Article on the Carnival like Madame Deal’s Make Your Own Duvet Cover article #1

2) Comment on the Article and share a tip or lets us know if you enjoyed the article

3) In the comment collection box below find the number of the blog article and place it in the box (If your on Madame and reading her Make Your Own Duvet Cover Article you would put commented on article #1 in the comment box)

4) You can enter as many times as you want by going to each blog on the linky. The more blogs you visit the greater your chance to snag the purse
BLOGGER RULES for Linking up


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  1. Lisa says

    Since IDK if I’m supposed to be posting in both places and I don’t want to miss being in the drawing, I’ll comment here, too. #2 and I found it to be VERY handy.

  2. Sherree says

    Commented on #28 … Cool contest …
    Sherree • 6 minutes ago ?
    I would give this to my 6 year old granddaughter if I won :) She would love it and I am sure my 8 year old granddaughter would want to share with her :)

  3. Leah CB says

    #1 I had so much fun on this hop. Even if I don’t win the purse, I’m pretty happy because I learned a lot of new tips. I had fun commenting too! It was much nicer than a rafflecopter hop! (Although I’m up way past my bed time). Thank you, this was great!

  4. Melissa Zantowsky says

    Commented on number 1. Thanks for the opportunity to learn some things & a chance to win really cool stuff :)

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