Making a Disaster Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

emergency kit

There has been something on my mind since our huge snow storm hit last Friday night. The severe winter storm hit hard and the roads turned bad quickly. This situation left many (hundreds) of people stranded in their cars. Some people were stuck, several waited for accidents to clear and others ran out off gas trying to keep warm while waiting.

Do you have an emergency kit in your car?

I have a first aid kit in my car, but that is it. I urge you all to make a disaster emergency kit for your car. You never know when you will need it (let’s hope never!). It is better to be prepared, than to be sorry later.


  • Bottled water
  • Shelf stable food: Granola bars, jar of nuts, canned fruit w/ a pull top lid, energy bar
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight w/ spare batteries
  • Matches
  • A red flag or scarf to tie on the antenna
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra warm clothes: mittens, scarf
  • Supply of medications that you need to take regularly
  • Charger for your cell phone
  • Emergency tools; a coworker bought us all the Swiss Tech BodyGard 5-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool with Key Ringfor Christmas. It can break a car window, cut a seat-belt, has an emergency flasher, a LED light and an alarm.

My mom’s tip is to pack the blanket and extra warm clothes in a vacuum seal bag. This will cut down on the space┬áthese items take up in the car. For the other items, get a small plastic tote and place it under one of the seats.

I have an emergency kit prepared in our house. I made this years ago when we lived in California and risked earthquakes. It sits in our pantry in a plastic tote, ready if we ever need it. In the house kit, I have included personal care items and pet supplies as well as all of the above.

Do you have a disaster emergency kit in your car? What have you included?


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  1. Heather says

    We have a *very* thin almost aluminum foil looking blanket that is found in the camping section. One for folks in the front seat and one for folks in the back, although they are small enough you could plan to pack one for every seat in your car. Also, many of these things can be stored in a large water bottle – used in this case – to collect snow and have fresh water to drink in an emergency.

    • madamedeals says

      Thank you Heather! I love the water bottle idea! I will have to look for the thin blankets. The emergency kit for the car is something I have always intended to do but never got too. This storm has pushed me to get going!

      • Heather says

        If you have trouble finding it (blanket) or want to know what it looks like, let me know and I will bring my pak over and you can look in it. Honestly, I am not even sure what else is in there – hubby made it for me and I know it’s back there….might be fun for the both of us, after the holidays! ­čÖé


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