Make Your Own Duvet Cover

  Make Your Own Duvet Cover

Do you have a child that changes their mind on what character they like on their bed? Do you often get bored? Do you like a soft having options. I recently bought a down comforter and I was surprised at the cost associated with a duvet cover. I couldn’t believe how expensive they are. The one I liked retailed for almost $200.00. I knew that there had to be a more cost effective way to get what I needed which was a duvet cover for less. I figured you could make your own duvet cover for much less. If you need help figuring out what dimensions you need you can use our Beds, Mattresses, and Bedding dimensions chart.

I challenged my readers to accomplish this task for under $20.00. This is what she was able to do with that budget and a three hour time frame.

Materials needed to Make Your Own Duvet Cover

Two sheets – around $5 each
Thread – under $2 (cheaper if you already have it!)
Velcro – about $1

Step one: Decide which colors you want to use and purchase two flat sheets in those colors.
1) Chose to use two separate colors so that it could be reversible.

2: Iron these, or toss into a dryer to let it do the work for you. I prefer to iron them because I like to keep the crispness for while I sew. This is also the reason I don’t pre-wash. I like my material to be crisp and to shrink at the same rate, so I wash after I sew. This is also a good way for beginners to make sure their seams are holding up well.

3. Put the two sheets together with the correct (up) sides facing each other.

4. Sew a straight line beside the seams that are already there on three of the four sides of the sheets. You want to do this to the right side, the top, and then the left side. You’ll be leaving the bottom undone so that you can put the comforter in it.

Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of each line. This will make sure it doesn’t come undone.

5. After you sew all three sides, take the Sew On Velcro and cut it into three equal sections. You’ll place these at equal points on both sheets to where they will fall together when the sheet is in place.

6. Grab a drink and a cookie and sit back! You just made a comforter/duvet cover all on your own! It was easy,wasn’t it?

She made this for $15 with tax using twin sheets! This is a great way to recycle blankets that are in good condition but you are no longer like the print on the comforter. If you are looking for a new bed check out our Mattress Reviews.