Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations

Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations

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With having 2 children, we often receive many birthday card invitations during the year. These always end up in the garbage can or recycling bin depending who throws them away. I cringe at the money that is often wasted on invitations myself when planning my children’s parties. This year I looked thru my list and realized that only a handful of the 50 people we were inviting were not connected to the internet. I decided that there had to be a nice way to send out an electronic invitation that was appealing and had all the important information. For those that were not connected to the internet we mailed them a Make Your Own Birthday Card InvitationThey were simple to make and saved on custom invitations. Once those were done I sat down and set out to design one to send out via email to the other guests. In just a few simple steps you can Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations to send via email and same money at the same time. 

Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations

Before you are tempted to just type up the information in a quick email and hit send, stop and think of how you want the party to be represented. Take your time and follow these tips to create a Email Birthday Card Invitation worthy of sending and receiving.

1. Make sure your email subject stand out from other emails and make it personal.

Example: You are invited to Adam’s 5th Birthday Party, Come out and Celebrate Sarah’s Sweet Sixteen, or We are Having a Party and Want you to come and Get Down for Grandma’s 70th!

2. Get Create with Font designs, sizes and colors. Every email provider allows you to create a custom email message by changing up the font.

3. Make sure to include date, time, location and RSVP information in a clear and easy to read format.

4. Include a personal note about the event and what will be going on. If you are having food or just snacks. This will ensure guests are prepared and you are not left with a ton of food or very hungry guests.

5. Make sure to mention if you do not want gifts of if you want donations made in lieu of gifts. Remember the day of the event that some people still will bring a gift or may not do what you asked. Be gracious and say thank you either way.

6. Make sure to thank them at the bottom of the email and sign your name. If you have a normal signature on your email make sure to remove that before sending.

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7. Make sure to BCC all of the people you are inviting so when someone replies they do not reply to everyone and you are not sharing others email addresses.

8. Make sure to proofread your email for spelling errors or information errors before sending.

9.Remember that even though it is okay to send out email invitations a hand written Thank You note will be appreciated so much more. Take the time after the event to send a personalized Thank You note to each guest.

10. Relax and enjoy the money you saved by alerting your guests to your party with a Make Your Own Birthday Card Invitations. 

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