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magnum exotics Coffees

Coffee is an integral part of our society and I have never been in a home without a coffee maker of some kind. In our house we have 3 different coffee makers. We have a traditional coffee pot, an espresso coffee machine and a Keurig. With all these coffee makers you would think that we are coffee connoisseurs but we are not. I just like to be prepared when we have company because everyone takes their coffee differently. Recently I received 4 packs of Magnum Exotics Coffees to brew and test out.

Magnum Exotics Coffee was not a brand we were familiar with so this was a brand new experience. I wanted to get different opinions so I borrowed my Sister-In-Law and her mother to help with this Exotic Adventure with Coffee.

Magnum Exotics

She tried the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend (Medium-Light Roast) and the Kona Blend (Medium Roast) and my husband tried the Organic FogCutter (Dark Roast) and Organic Rainforest Blend (Medium Roast) .

These 4 Exotic Coffee Blends are 100% Arabica beans . Each Blend has its own unique flavor profile and will take you on a journey to different locations. Each flavor it unique to its country of origin and offer a flavor that can’t be found in other coffees. 

I can report that everyone was very pleased with their flavors and noted strong and robust notes in each blend. Being frugal, I was amazed at how long the coffee lasted (compared to other coffee brands). My husband noted that due to the robust flavors, he was able to reduce the amount of coffee used to achieve the taste and strength he desired. The two blends he tried were in Whole Bean form and were quickly converted to ground coffee with my Bella Cucina Rocket Blender (no need for a fancy coffee grinder here.)

Magnum Exotics Coffee is available for Purchase Online: 

Amazon: Magnum Exotics Coffee or Java Boulevard:

and in Retail Stores in California and the Midwest:

California:    Gelson’s, Bristol Farms, Urban Radish

Midwest:     Meijer, Leppinks, Village Market Food Centers, Plum’s Market, Orchard’s Markets, Neiman’s Family Market


Start your exotic journey and wake up with a cup of Magnum Exotics Coffee

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