Magna Nails- Magnetic Nail Polish

Magna Nails- Magnetic Nail Polish



Nail art is a huge fashion trend right now, and Magna Nails has got something new and different for your nails, magnetic nail polish! Magna Nails is the innovative nail polish that allows you to create multi-dimensional designs with the use of a magnet. Get salon-quality nail designs for just a portion of the price.Right now you can get 4 polishes and 4 magnets for only $10.99 + Bonus Metallic Collection + P&H!


This is one of the coolest nail trends I have seen lately and it is one that I have actually tried! It’s a simple 2 step process: Paint your nails, and while your polish is still wet you will hold a magnet over your nails and watch the designs appear! It is the coolest thing to watch!Manga Nails work on natural and acrylic nails!  Click the image above to order yours today!

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