Madame Dealsism: Facebook Like

Dear Friends-

If we are “friends” on facebook. I thought that most of you should know that

I also want to add that I feel guilty deleting you or un liking you because you didn’t do anything wrong. I just got caught up in wondering if you had a job, were married, had kids, didn’t serve time, still dressed like a hooker. You know I couldn’t help but wonder about your life and you have given me the opportunity to set my mind at ease with a quick peak at your life. Facebook is little like candy I just can’t resist. We are however not “friends” we are just two people who knew each other and who happen to be equally nosy. I am sure I would smile at you in public but most of the people on my friend’s list I wouldn’t recognize you if I saw you.

You know its the truth… who could have time for hundreds of friends…


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