Project One

Madame Deal Reveals
If you have not officially signed up then do so here at the Madame Deals Review Group you can here.

I felt that I should give everyone a chance who applied to my Madame Deals Review Group. The work that you do will allow me to pick people to do paid with money or product reviews in the future.

1) watch this movie┬áIf you can’t hear and some of you can not.. then just do step 2. The video shows you how to sign up. you MUST sign up for the madame deals DEAL CLUB so look for that tab… (step 3)

2) Sign up for the ChoozON deal site

3) Join the madame deals site on Choozon

4) Fill out this survey

5) Check back for additional tasks daily ( i plan to email you in the future)
6) I am working on a rewards program so give me a couple of days to get this figured out

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  1. Erinn Sluka says

    You mention to check back daily. Will the posts pertaining to the projects be under any certain link or should I just skim the Home tab to find any?

  2. Sara S says

    Thanks you – I believe I did your request tasks correctly. Getting and email would be best – I will check in here as often as I can will you organize. Not sure if I am sure to go back to the invitation at 4:00 as it said. If I am understanding correct that was where you provide use the instructions.


    Sara S

  3. says

    Even though the Choozon site is in Beta I see the potential for me to use it multiple times on a weekly bases. I especially like the added feature of the email service. I have many websites I am a subscriber to, and I like the option of having an email specifically for these. Organization is the key, and it also has prompted me to look at my other email services and am right now in the process of setting up my various emails for my specific categorizes of interest.

    Thank You Again Madame Deals for this Once In A Lifetime Opportunity to work under your tut-ledge!

  4. Melissa Fields says

    Hi I hope I did everything ok but still unsure if I need to come back to your site at 4p tomorrow or the ChoozOn site? Or simply wait for further instructions. Thanks for your time and the opportunity!

  5. Ada says

    I did everything that I could figure out that I should do. Hope it is right! Where I could watch the video I couldn’t hear any sound. So not sure if you gave further instructions or not =/ Thanks! =)

  6. Tiffiny Palm says

  7. chelesa sims says

    Iam not sure where to go at this point i did everything that you ask but iam not sure what else to do.

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