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” Real Advice Gal is the truthful girlfriend site. We aim to tell the truth and give you real advice to help you be the best version of yourself. We believe that this is the place where empowerment starts and ideas grow. We aim to inspire others to do more with what they have.”

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Amee: Mom, Mommy, Hun, AKA Madame Deals.  .Yes, you are not crazy this site used to be Madame Deals.com. This is why it isn’t anymore. I no longer coupon shop like I used to instead I have found real long term strategies to improve our finances. I also found the name limited. I really wanted to create a community founded on helping the whole person not just your pocketbook. I wanted to share my life not just my checkbook. I am known for telling people the truth. I am the person you ask if you want real advice. I am truthful and I think in the world sometimes people tell you what you want to hear. I just don’t.

I have been married for 14 years. If you knew me in college you would know I had one rule. The guy had to “adore me” or be gone. I am happy to say my husband does that and more. He is great husband and dad. He is a Military Veteran and our love of country is evident in everything we do. We believe in the American dream and are working hard to achieve it. We believe in teaching our children how to be respectful, patient, and kind. We try our best to be example of those traits in our daily life and relationship with one another. We have three wonderful children. We also attempted to build our American dream by buying houses and now I am  the landlord for our rental properties. We have had to work extra hard to pay the difference between what our houses cost and what the market allows for rental charges.

I am a teacher by trade. I earned my Master’s Degree in Regular Education from the University of Florida. I also specialized in Special Education because I fell in love with children with Autism. I left the classroom to be a mom. It was a difficult transition but I have created a blog so that I could teach people virtually how to Spend less money and live their lives differently. I had to make a lot of changes when I cut my salary from 40,000 to nothing. I knew I wanted to pay for my children’s college. I only had the money we currently had so I had to figure out how to save money so I could spend it differently. I am not embarrassed that I spend less on my cereal.  I am an extremely normal coupon shopper. I love a good deal and I am known for finding them. I am also known for shopping and being fashionable on a budget I share tips all the time on instagram so follow me there. I have two cooking sites as well and I am in love with learning. I am currently learning how to take pictures. I can’t put down a good book and if there are sports on you can most likely find me watching. I love technology and I adore teaching.

Madame Deals had been around since April 2009- January 2015. I decided in December of 2011 to make this blog into a Business. I quit my job as a Customer Service Supervisor/ Knowledge Resource Manager for a software application company by creating a business plan and sticking to it. I gave myself one year to either make it or close shop. I couldn’t do it all.  I worked my part-time job, had a baby, and built Madame Deals into a thriving business in 11 months. I read everything I could get my hands on, watched every YouTube video, and created a network of bloggers to learn with. I have always believed in teamwork. That concept started Madame deals media which has the power to unite the world by creating a “helping others revolution.”

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Cool Facts about Madame Deals:

That’s me in the picture teaching Technology class at Light Academy, a school that I co-founded. It was featured in Fluvanna Review (10/23/14).

Madame Deals feeds to Lifetime Moms where I am a featured writer for Lifetime Moms.

Madame Deals has a Social Media Company Madame Deals Media.

Expert Interview with Amee Cantagallo on Money-Saving Tips for Mint

 I know that following your dreams and your heart are important
and sleep is overrated.

To know more about how Madame Deals started click here.

My team consists of the best ladies around:


Karla: I am a Christian preschool teacher. I’ve been married to David for 21 years. I have two children, Melinda age 19 and Christopher age 13. I am originally from Broadway, VA. I grew up on a poultry farm. I enjoy reading, writing, NASCAR, online shopping and spending time with family and friends.

– Karla writes a weekly column for MadameDeals called Karla’s Korner

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Mary: I work as a real estate paralegal at a family-friendly law firm.  Raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, I graduated from UVa, and met my husband, Mike, in our hometown of Alexandria, VA.  Twelve years ago, we took a leap of faith and moved our family out of the rat race to a small, rural community near Charlottesville, VA. Mike is my “OOH RAH man” and career real estate broker who has now moved on to his “second” career as an over-the-road trucker. We have three children, Bubba, age 27 (who married the girl of his dreams), Sissy, age 22 and mother to our first granddaughter, Baby Bea, and Missy, age 14 (now an “only” child). I love a bargain and have gained a reputation over the years for being quite the “coupon queen.”

– Check out Mary’s posts here.

Netski: I am blessed with a wonderful husband and a bright and sweet but super active son.  I decided to be a work-at-home mom to spend more time with my family and it’s the best decision that I ever made. I do everything online (shop, pay the bills etc…) and scouring the web for deals is my forte. I love finding great deals and sharing them.

– Netski is MadameDeals.com site manager.

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Rachelle: I am a 26 year old rocking, glitter loving, dance party having, video game playing, MMA loving, work-at-home mom! My Husband works nights, so I am the CEO of the home front, caretaker of my little princess (and 4 cats!), and a dedicated blogger and dance mom! I hope to help you guys stay current on all the best things in life, share with you some fun crafts to do with your kids,find some great places to take them,  some great products for you to check out, and bring you into my kitchen to make some awesome recipes that your family is sure to love.

One of my goals in blogging is to remind everyone that you are awesome! I celebrate everyone being different and embrace my differences. As long as you are being your best you, then you are already better than anyone else you could aim to be.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at prmadamedeals@gmail.com 🙂

– See Rachelle’s posts here.


Gina: Sassy wife, devoted mom, loyal friend, adventure seeker. That is me in a nutshell. I always say, “I will try anything once!” Living by this statement has given me a full and happy existence. I have been married to my super sweet husband for 11 years. We have two bright and boisterous boys, ages 8 and 4. I am fortunate enough to be able to homeschool both of them. While living on one income enables us to homeschool it can also be quite challenging at times, which is why we depend on frugal living and smart money management to not only support our family but have fun too.

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Crystal: – I am a wife of 8 year to a wonderful husband and father. We have two kids, a fiery red head daughter who is 3 and our red headed, blue eyed baby boy who turns 2 in February. As you can see, life doesn’t stand still here. I’m a stay at home mom who loves to spend time with my kids teaching them to love God and Love people. Before I became mom, I use to be a project manager, sold jewelry, nanny and cleaned homes on the side (that part I still do!) I love to coupon and find the best deals I can to help us save money!

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Angie: – I am a stay at home mom and happily married to my husband Tom. I have a five year old daughter and a two and a half year old son. I grew up in Orlando, but went to school in New York City and lived in Los Angeles before moving home to raise a family. I have worked in the film industry since the early nineties, and for over a decade with the Florida Film Festival. I also spent many years working in marketing with Glaceau and Honest Tea. But, I am happiest at home building my family.

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