Madame Deals Events: Enter to WIN a Louis Vuitton Purse!


What is your dream purse? Coach, Kate Spade? How about Louis Vuitton?

Have you ever thought it’d be possible for you to own a Louis Vuitton?

Well here’s your Chance!

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Present this Louis Vuitton Giveaway Event!

Giveaway will run May 12 12:01 am EST thru June 12 11:59 pm EST

You have a lot of chances to WIN! Complete the mandatory entry and unlock the bonus entries.

Bonus entries are Facebook likes.

Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below:

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  1. Nichelle Clemons says

    I sure would love to win this purse. If I win then I will still a lil $$$$ left put inside. LOL

  2. tami s says

    Facebook like 5 has Facebook Public Profile that won’t let me like it. I refreshed several times, but no luck

  3. tami s says

    facebook 7 has a facebook public profile that won’t let me like it. I refreshed several times with no luck

  4. tami s says

    Facebook list 8 has one Facebook pubic profile that ill not let me like it even after refreshing several times

  5. Sue C. says

    Can’t recall every owning a really nice purse – I usually get something from Walmart or Ross.

  6. michelle warner says

    i dont know the name of it but i got it for christmas something cole, keneth cole or something like that, its so nice i dont even want to use it.

  7. Kerry Kottyan says

    I haven’t ever really had a nice purse, yet! I tend to pick up a cheap one at walmart to use. Maybe I’ll win one! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Ali Peterson says

    I’ve never owned anything nice! My purses have always just come from departments stores, old navy, and the one’s I’ve liked best I’ve made myself.

  9. Jayci S. says

    My mother gave me a BEAUTIFUL Etienne Aigner crocodile leather satchel as a graduation gift when I graduated from college.

  10. Tammy Dalton says

    I’d love to share this on my facebook page, but I can’t find the share button for facebook, sorry!! :0)

  11. Nancy K says

    The nicest purse I have ever owned was one I bought at a thrift store. It wasn’t a designer purse, but it was in good shape and I thought it was very nice.

  12. Maegan Morin says

    Sadly I haven’t owned any really nice purses. Or at least ones that other people would like lol. My favorite purse however was this funky Tokidoki purse that my sister got me. I used it until it had holes in it lol.

  13. Anna H says

    I got a Ferragamo purse handed down to me from my grandmother… that thing has never come out to see the light of day because I’m too scared it’ll get ruined!

  14. Tiffiny Duke says

    The nicest purse I have ever owned I bought at the Deseret Industries. It was brand new with a phone holder attached and the letter D on it!

  15. Krystal says

    My favorite and most expensive purse was a diaper bag that looked like a purse. It was an OiOi diaper bag leather studded and red. I just got a new Timi and Leslie diaper bag that looks like a purse. It is awesome too and silver and stylish. I wouldn’t mind winning a bag. :)

  16. Linda Persaud says

    I own only one coach purse….got it as a gift…3 kids will do that to you….bargin bin here i come…lol

  17. Joana A says

    i have never owned a nice purse the nicest i have owned was from payless very pretty but doesnt cost much

  18. Lisa Riggs says

    Sadly, any cute purses I can pick up at garage sales, goodwill, or department store clearance have found a home in this single mom of 4’s closet. I don’t get to splurge on that stuff. ;)

  19. tami s says

    Facebook List 8:I have a facebook Public profile that wont let me like it. I refreshed several times with no luck

  20. tami s says

    Facebook List 10:There is a “facebook Public Profile” that would not let me like it. I refreshed several times with no luck

  21. tami s says

    facebook like list 12 has a facebook public profile that will not let me like it even after refreshing several times

  22. A says

    Nicest I have ever owned is a $150 small coach bag that I bought for myself as a treat when i graduated college.

  23. Lynda H. says

    Eel skin purse and only because I worked at a store that sold them, and I was able to get a huge discount.

  24. Angelia Vazquez says

    The nicest purse I ever owned was one I bought at Kohl’s 3 years ago for like $15. It was on sale and originally about $40 or so. :)

  25. Martina says

    I really have no “nice” purses, but I do have a few decent ones that I’ve picked up at purse parties. Winning this one would be SWEET!

  26. Tamara Regan says

    I have a Coach purse that was a gift at my bridal shower…..many, many, many years ago! It still looks very nice and I only take it out for special occasions.

  27. Sue Farrell says

  28. Jen says

    I’ve never really owned a really nice purse. The one I have now is okay, although the zipper just broke…

  29. Wendy McBride says

    the nicest purse I ever owned was a Leather purse from JC Penney.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  30. rebecca roberts says

    never spent more than 15 bucks for a purse…. i guess im too cheap lol but would love to own this! <3

  31. Shanda S. says

    Nicest purse? Pfft. I don’t even own a purse … I have quite a few nice wallets though :)

    couponshanda (at) yahoo (dot) com

  32. B Lynn Callahan says

    i have never owned a nice purse… usually use whatever i happen to find on clearance somewhere until it falls apart

  33. kelly goss says

    Never owned a “real” bag before….first time for everything and I guess at 45 now would be a good time!!!

  34. Sheila Vives says

    Do you mean nice as expensive or designer discounts bought like at Marshalls and Ross or just nice ?

    I have had several nice purses. I choose according to comfort, usability and style. On most purses on the market I dislike the straps. They either fall off or are too short, or too long.

  35. melanie trogolo says

    a michael kors purse I won when i was 17 so 7 years ago on the radio and it still looks great!


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