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I am sure you wondering how Lynda makes you smarter. You maybe wondering who is this Lynda dame? You may in fact wonder what would I do to meet her. The fact of the matter is is a site that you can try for 7 days for FREE. The reason that I am sharing this with you is they have so many classes you can take. I am positive you can make a difference in your personal or professional goals by applying a week of education to your mix.


I have used when I was in my photography class. I found it was easy to use and the amount information available to me was mind boggling. It seems like the “you tube” for professional. You can learn everything from excel to blogging and photography software if you please. I would jump on for 7 days and then I would considering using the service for good. I factored in the cost associated with taking a class at my local community college and I can say it was over a 1,000 by the time I factored in babysitting, books, equipment, prints, and time. I really feel that I could have learned at home and spent less. I intend to do just that for Adobe CS6. I am going to learn that program and is my tool of choice. I hope you enjoy your 7 days of knowledge and I hope you chose to pursue the one thing that you thought you couldn’t learn because you can. The best part is no one is going to need to know how many times you watch or listen to that video. They will just see the results and you can just pretend that you knew it in the first place. SHH I will not tell it is our little secret! Enjoy!

You can try it for 7 days for

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