Luvs First Kid/Second Kid, What Changed for You?

Everything with the first kid is a learning experience. No matter how many classes you take and how much ‘advice’ you store away to be used later, you are never actually ready for what is coming your way.

The second time around is also a learning experience is some ways. You know more of what to expect but now you are balancing two little ones, both of which are depending on you. The older one is used to you being able to help them as soon as they ask and the baby is in need of almost constant attention. Once you get the balancing act figured out  everything settles into a new routine.

I have found that the second time around it is much easier to just lay him down and let him put himself to sleep versus cuddling like I did with my daughter. I struggled with putting my daughter down before she fell asleep because I loved cuddling with her. That was time for just me and her. This time we can get our quality time done during feeding but on the rare occurrence that both kids are sleeping, that is my time to sleep!

Breastfeeding unfortunately is a challenge for me. The first time around my milk never came in making for one hungry little girl. The second time I have to be honest I was a little scared to try it. I did try it and again, we struggled.

What changed for you??

Check out the Luvs “First Kid/Second Kid” video series!

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