Love Yourself Giveaway – Win a Kindle Touch, Amazon GC and more


CEO of Me,, Sunshine & Sippy Cups & This n That with Olivia are very excited to be teaming up with 40 other amazing Blogs and great Sponsors for the “Love Yourself Event & Giveaway” from Feb 1-14. The mission of this event is to raise awareness about domestic violence and to celebrate the brave women, children (and men) who have made the decision to leave abusive relationships and environments.

Each of the blogs participating paid a fee to participate. 50% of that fee was donated to Brave (The other 50% went towards the Grand prize Kindle Touch & Amazon Gift Card).  Brave is a wonderful charity that supports domestic violence awareness and changing the perception of victims of domestic violence.

Brave is much more than a charity though, it is a movement. It is about brave women, children (and men) coming together “with messages of overcoming life fears, picking ourselves up and trying again” to support survivors of domestic violence. There is no need to be ashamed if you have been a victim of domestic violence. You can find support, information and assistance through many resources.

We want to encourage you to visit Brave and Take the Pledge and support this cause by joining the community of other Brave Women. Please also consider donating or volunteering to Domestic Violence shelters, centers and charities local to you.

If you have been or are currently in an abusive relationship or environment, please reach out and let other Brave Women & men help you.  “You are not alone, even when you feel small, unsure and maybe even terrified.” –

To enter this giveaway use the Rafflecopter form below.

Thank you so much to the participating blogs and sponsors. Please be sure to visit their sites too!

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  1. Linda T says

    Thanks for making it so easy. They way you have it set up to like everyone on FB and follow on Twitter is amazing.

  2. tiffany madan says

    This is a very important cause…I have never been in an abusive relationship but I have helped my best friend get away from one. Thanks so much for your effort in raising awareness.

  3. Jaime Dubey says

    I will offer here as well! I am an Avon Sales rep who was in an abusive relationship for 7 years, so bad that my Autisic daughter has PTSD from witnessing this for the first 3 years of her life. I am not trying to sell you anything but if you would like a brochure about domestic violence you are more than welcome to having one. There are no items for sale in it, it is just about the signs of domestic violence and what to do when you need to get out. If you are interested please email me with the subject domestic violence to [email protected] and I will send one out to you. We need to work together to save as many lives as possible!

  4. Catherine says

    BraveWomen sounds like a fantastic organization. I really admire folks doing some good in the world. Thanks for letting us know about them!

  5. Tandra Banks says

    I am a survivor of domestic violence. For more than 20 yrs I was abused physically, emotionally, sexually, and every other way imaginable on a weekly to daily basis.
    I “free’d” myself 9 yrs ago and I am still dealing with the consequences from all of it.
    I will probably never be completely healed, but with the help of family and friends, I have learned to deal with it.

  6. Jeanetta Linville says

    Thank you kindly for such an awesome giveaway! My husband wants one so bad and I wish I could afford one for him! Keep up the great job!

  7. Alexa H says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I wish I’d have seen this previously and I would have joined in since I am a new blogger and just added Google+.

  8. Wynter Reign says

    I would love to win the Kindle for a very special friend of mine. She has a new baby( he’s about 6mths old I believe) and an autistic son that she home schools. I am very proud of the wonderful mom she is.

  9. Belle says

    Well could finally stop reading them on my phone, because my eyes are bad enough with the Dry Macular Degeneration… So having a Kindle or an iPad would help immensely!!!
    Thanx Belle

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