Lost Wedding Ring

Lost Wedding Ring

lost ring

.   It was a long time ago that my husband found a lost wedding ring. He picked it up when he was in his teens. I first noticed it around 15 years ago. I was looking through a bunch of stuff in my husband’s room in college. He had a jar full of random items. I came across this ring. It was gold and it had an inscription inside. I asked where he had found it. He said the beach. He wanted to know if it was worth anything. I said, “yes, to the person who owns it.” He had no idea it was a wedding band. I asked if he had tried to find the owner. He said that he had but no one on the beach recognized it. He just put it in this jar and forgot about it. I am positive he didn’t know it was a wedding band. I know my husband was really clueless about all of those thing until we “got serious”.  He unfortunately also learned about how expensive they are.

I am not sure until we got married that he understood the meaning behind them. He once lost his wedding ring. He took it off to lift weights and forgot to pick it back up. I have never seen my husband so upset over something before. He luckily found his ring and hasn’t lost it since. I was cleaning out the safe today and I came across this wedding band. I had long since forgotten about it. It has traveled with us over the years. I decided before it gets lost again or forgotten it would be nice to find its owner before their wedding Anniversary date in August. The wedding date for this ring is 8-14-82. I am intrigued to learn about it owners. Are they still married? Was this ring lost on purpose or by accident? When and where did they meet? Are they still thinking about the ring they lost. Did they lose it on the beach or in the ocean far away. I guess I would like a resolution to mystery that has been swirling in my head. I figured I would use the power of social media and help someone else!


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This is the ring

lost ring

It is a plain gold ring. I believe it is a woman’s but it maybe a man’s wedding ring. It almost fits my middle finger. This is another look.

lost ring

You can see the date in this one. I hope this helps if this is your lost ring. 

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If you believe this is your ring or you know the owners. Have them email me at madamedeals@gmail.com  subject Rings . There is something special about the ring so they owner will know what it is.

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