Local Fire & Rescue "Thinks Outside the Box"

Kenny George, a volunteer with the Fluvanna County Rescue Squad, was thinking outside the box when he wrote a letter to theChive blog, in the hope of raising some much needed money for this all-volunteer rescue squad.  He wrote:

I’m a loyal Chiver contacting you for help. We are one of the last all-volunteer rescue squads in the state of Virginia. We run Thanksgiving and Christmas, give up time with our families, and we’re are running out of options. I wonder if there is someone in this country who can step up and help their own, as we do every day. I know this is not what the Chive is about, but as I said, we’re out of options and, for some reason, I believe you all have big hearts.  Thanks for at least reading this.

After reading this letter, the owners of theCHIVE decided to do something they had never done before.  They contacted Kenny for more information, requested photos from the squad, and wrote a post asking for their readers’ help.  The response has been phenomenal with thousands in PayPal donations, snail mail donations on the way, and dozens of emails to the squad with offers of help.  It just goes to show that people do care and want to help.

I guess this is what happens when you “think outside the box”!

If you are interested in donating or seeing what started all this, click here.  To donate to Fluvanna County rescue, click here.

WARNING:  theCHIVE would be considered by some as a not so family friendly site … but even those  who visit this site have a place in their hearts for helping others.

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