Little Chefs Project eBook: $25 Amazon Contest

So excited to share with all of you The Little Chefs Project: A Collection of Kid-Friendly Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Fun in the Kitchen! This FREE ebook is the first-ever, crowd-sourced book on cooking with kids.

I’m very proud to have contributed and be part of this ebook project. Cooking is more fun when you’re doing it with your kids. It’s a chance to bond and create special memories. Please do check out The Little Chefs Project ebook now, my tips can be found on page 16. You can also check out the delicious Chef Boyardee Recipes that were featured in the ebook.

Also, join us on The Little Chefs Project Series Live Chat called Cook-Alongs, Thursday, October 18, at 2 p.m. ET.

Ready to win $25 Amazon? Enter the contest below!

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  1. andrea s says

    i read the whole ebook thinking back to when my daughter was young and we did these things..i never even thought of the educational benefits..i just always hoped she would love being in her kitchen as much as i love being in mine..turns out she doesnt..oh well, there is still hope for any grandkids i might have one day !!

  2. mell says

    p. 33 – If your child is a picky eater and does not like veggies, puree them and add them to the dish while cooking it, i.e. meatloaf.

  3. Lee Ann Kaplan says

    I love your tip on using flash cards for the recipe ingredients and having a scavenger hunt to find them! page 15 and also another tip getting kids aprons and letting the kids decorate them on a rainy day! awesome! pg8

  4. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    Page 15 Don’t be afraid of a mess! Enjoy the time together making memories in the kitchen 🙂

  5. Alycia M says

    I liked the point about the difference between spicy vs. hot for kids on page 32.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  6. Jennifer Howard says

    I love the scavenger hunt on page 16, also the advice to don’t be afraid of a mess. I love baking and always have my two boys help me. It’s a lot of fun!!

  7. Shannon Mansker says

    I liked page 15 where they talked about getting recipes from family members to make a nice family cook book with your kids.

  8. Angela says

    My daughter is my little chef, she loves to watch me cook and will stop nearly whatever she is doing to come stand on the footstool (I’m short 😀 ) and watch, helping if/when she can.

  9. Kelly H says

    Puree veggies and hide them inside other foods. This is a great tip for getting my picky 4 yr old to eat some veggies. Page 33

  10. Michelle Ramos says

    Page 8–assign each child a day to be your sous-chef. This is a great idea because it’s too crowded in my kitchen to have them both in there!

  11. Melinda Dartmann says

    On page 27, keeping it simple. Best way for kids to learn and for parents to be able to keep the kids interested without using alot of ingredients.

  12. Alexis Parkhurst says

    Page 19. I liked it beacause it gave me the idea to start doing veggies and fruits in smoothies to get my kiddos to eat them!

  13. tami s says

    Pg 38 I like the tip when they said that you shouldn’t be afraid to start your new traditions with your kids even if you already have family traditions

  14. Tami Vollenweider says

    Don’t take Cooking so seriously! Let kids get involved,not care if they don’t come pout exactly!!

  15. says

    Page 4 has great tips.. I think it’s important to be silly and have fun with your kids..I know my daughter loves those moments when we’re laughing and playing and joking

  16. Jessica Hahn says

    I like the tip about helping the kids remember periods, countries, or people with the different foods. I found this on page. 12 of the teaching moments section.

  17. Midge says

    Page 15 to make a family cookbook. I love this! Cooking is a big deal in my family and I would love for my kids to have a book of all our favorites!

  18. Peggy Bolling says

    page 9 I like the one about letting your children do a lot of the things in the kitchen. things like measuring, decorating!

  19. essijay says

    i like the “no thank you bite” on page 31
    we have a one-bite rule in our home, too, but never thought to incorporate a polite declining sentence into it – my little aspie needs all the help he can get in those type situations!

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