Listen Up! lite App Review

Listen Up! lite App Review

With four kids, we are always looking for fun games for them to play on our electronic devices. This can sometimes be a listen up! lite appdaunting task, since some games are just not kid appropriate. Others, are too hard, or require an adult supervision. And then there are some that are just plain fun for them to play without you having to worry. The Listen Up! lite App has been a fun game for my kids and I. With this game you get to record and guess sound messages with your friends. This reminds me a lot of words with friends, only you are recording sounds and trying to guess them instead of playing scrabble. You can collect microphones bases on the difficulty of your level, and these will unlock bonuses like image clues and goodies.

Overall I thought the installation was easy. I didn’t have a problem having to re-enter my email address like some readers were saying, so the new version might have fixed this problem. This would be especially fun for two people who are close to connect in a game, like siblings in different rooms with part of the family with each of them for help. All different ways to play this game. It is also pretty fun for adults too. My kids heard me making the sounds for a Dinosaur, and they all rushed over to see what I was doing.

listen up! lite appListen Up! Features:

  • Engaging turn-based audio guessing fun!
  • Mic point system to reward players for guessing clues—the harder the word, the more mics are won, giving players power to unlock very funny visual aids to use as clues.
  • Flexible audio recording options that allow players to record, review, and re-record their audio clues on demand.
  • Ability to replay incoming clues.
  • Hints to help guessers out on especially tough words & a “Pass” option for when they want to plain give up and concede defeat.
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