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Lindsay Phillips Shoes


Lindsay Phillips


I am a girl that likes choices and Lindsay Phillips Shoes. You know I believe shoes can change your day or change your life for that matter. I believe that looking good and feeling great go hand and hand. I also know that they difference between a good outfit and a great outfit is a pair of shoes. I recently discovered Lindsay Phillips shoes. Well I did what any blogger would do and I asked to review a pair of their shoes. I was hooked. I was so hooked. I bought the flip flops, the ballet flats, and a pair of black opened toed shoes. Then I bought 6 pairs of clips. The reason is simple I will be traveling all summer for work and vacation and I if I could bring four pairs of shoes and have 24 different looks well that is the answer to my shoe problem. You know 6 clips and 4 pairs of shoes is 24 looks not to mention each pair came with clips so actually 10 clips total and 4 pairs of shoes 40 looks. WOW!

lindsey phillips


I should also note all of the shoes are comfy. They are durable. I do have the clips in my car just incase I change my mind or forget to match them before I leave the house. I know that somedays I am just glad that I remember my shoes. I love that I have the flexibility to change my shoe with my mood. I was given the Lindsay Phillips Shoes in the Devon Wedge.

Lindsey Phillips


All you do is unclip the front clip to change your look. Don’t you wish everything was that easy. I love these shoes.

Lindsay Phillips Devon Wedge Heel Slide Light Brown <—– buy yours

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  1. Lisa Burdette says

    Shoes are definitely a make it or break it deal for any outfit! I could so use some new ones for the warm weather!

  2. Gail Williams says

    I want to win this VERY CUTE shoe that is a slide! I cannot wear sandals that are thongs!

  3. Stephanie Bodine says

    I love wedge heels! These would be an awesome addition to my wedges. Love the color as they will go with all of my spring wardrobe.

  4. Stephanie Bodine says

    I love wedge heels! These would be an awesome addition to my wedges. Love the color as they will go with all of my spring wardrobe. Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. Kathleen says

    I really did want to enter to win these shoes. Unfortunately I am unable to even get to the entries because I can’t get past the initial entries. =(
    Twitter has blocked me from following any more. Apparently they have a “follow limit” and I have reached it. Seems unfair that I can’t participate in the other entries though…..

    • Sandy says

      Kathleen, the same thing happened to me. Just go all the way back to when you started Twitter, and unfollow the ones you’ve lost interest in. Also, get more people to follow you – you’ll be able to follow more. Send me a follow request, I’ll follow you. @Redrum72967

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    @Kathleen~I have the same problem Do what Sandy said..unlike a few.FB is the same way 🙂

    And I would love to own a pair of these because they are super cute!!!

  7. Carrie Costabile says

    I want to win because these shoes because they look comfortable, stylish, and cool for summer 🙂

  8. Amy L. Norman says

    I need versatile shoes. I want to have a nice pair of shoes that I can wear a multitude of ways. 🙂

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