Lifetime’s Baby Sellers Exposes Infant Trafficking

Baby Sellers

Lifetime Original Movie “Baby Sellers.”

Did you know that there’s a thriving black market for babies? Incidences of baby trafficking are particularly high in India, parts of Africa and China, where experts estimate that up to 70,000 children are kidnapped annually. These children are being brought to foreign countries such as United States where legal adoption is available. And according to the U.S. Department of Human Health and Services, baby and human trafficking show no sign of stopping – with human trafficking as the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world today.

This is the sad reality that opened my eyes upon watching Lifetime’s new original movie Baby Sellers. I’ve been privileged to be given a chance to watch the preview of this movie and it’s totally heartwrenching to know that this kind of horrible crime and syndicate exist. Baby Sellers exposes the dark international crime enterprise of infant trafficking. Knowing that this two-hour film is inspired by true events that is happening in the world makes this movie an eye opener for everyone. You will feel intense anger for the criminals who are greedy for money and will do everything for their selfish gains. Feel pity for couples who have good heart and willing to adopt children but are being taken advantage of with exorbitant adoption fees. And of course feel sadness, pity and grief for the suffering of parents whose children have been kidnapped.

Lifetime did a great job with the cast, acting was superb and you will definitely hate Kirstie Alley and cheer for Jennifer Finnigan as she tries to bring down the syndicate. I definitely recommend that you watch this film, more than just being entertained by the movie this is something that will open your eyes to reality. This is the type of movie that will leave a mark in your heart.

Baby Sellers stars Alley as Carla Huxley, a well-respected, influential owner of a major U.S.-based adoption agency that helps prospective parents fulfill their dream of having a family. While presenting an innocent veneer of kindness and good intentions to her trusting clients, behind-the-scenes Huxley functions as a ruthless international kingpin, controlling an expansive syndicate spanning the world and manned by subordinates authorized to use any means necessary to procure children for her business. Finnigan stars as Nicole Morrison, the dedicated, tough-as-nails Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who believes Hughes is fueling a global business that stops at nothing to find the right child for the right owner – at the right price – and goes undercover to bring her sordid operation down.

baby sellers

Inspired by true events, the provocative film from prolific and multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winning producer Robert Halmi, Sr. (Human Trafficking, Tin Man) is a chilling account of the brutal and horrific realities behind the global illicit trade of selling children, many kidnapped from their homes, under the guise of seemingly regulated adoption.

baby sellers

Lifetime’s new original movie, Baby Sellers, premiering Saturday, August 17 at 8/7c and starring Kirstie Alley and Jennifer Finnigan.

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Lifetime for this post, but all opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

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