Lifeproof Nuud Case

Here is the story I have three kids. I have one ipad 2. I would love to make sue the ipad2 survives the three children. I know we ask them not to touch it. I know we place it where they can’t reach it. The funny thing is they always do. I love my Ipad2 because I use it to read books and play games. The kids use it to do the same. The problem is they fight over it and it has gone airborne on more than one occasion on. I recently did a review on the iphone case by lifeproof. I love the Lifeproof Nuud Case for the ipad2 or New Ipad see why.


You need this! If your house is anything like mine… You can see the new¬† Ipad, Ipod, Iphone lifeproof products <—– click

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