Learning the Grocery Store Cycle

If you have been following Madame Deals Rock Bottom Deals for awhile, you might be aware that sales run in cycles. For example, right now almost all grocery stores and drug stores are running sales on canned soup, canned broth and cold medication. This would be the time to stock-up on these items. The nice thing about canned goods is that they have a long shelf life.

A couple of weeks ago, frozen vegetables were at a rock bottom price and last week toilet paper was on sale almost everywhere. A rock bottom price is the lowest price that the product will go. The key to saving the most at the grocery store is to learn your rock bottom prices. When a product you use regularly is at its lowest price, it is time to stock-up. It may be a few weeks before that product goes on sale again.

What I do to learn the cycle and prices is to compare ads. Madame Deals actually does a lot of this for you! Just click on a store logo on our sidebar and look at the best deals of the week at that store. If it is a hot price, many times every grocery store will be running some sort of sale on that item. For example, this week Harris Teeter and Giant both had Mueller pasta on sale for $1.00. With the coupon that is out, it made it .45¢ a box. Now, sometimes the price will vary quite a bit; it just happened to be the same at both stores in this example.

Another example, last week toilet paper was on sale just about everywhere it seemed. For a 12 pack it was around $5.99 for Quilted Northern and Cottonelle. There were also $1.00 coupons out for both; making it just $4.99. That price makes it about .42¢ a roll, which is a great price. This week the 12 pack of Quilted Northern at Harris Teeter is back up to $8.85.

How to stockpile:

  • Learn your Rock Bottom Prices for the items you buy most often. You may want to concentrate on the more pricey items first like paper towels, toilet paper and laundry soap.
  • When you see a product your family uses often at a rock bottom price, buy an extra. The goal would be to have enough of the product to last until it goes on sale at the rock bottom price again.
  • Take an inventory of your items. Monitor how quickly you use laundry soap, dish soap and paper towels.
  • When I am down to my last two packages of an item, I start looking for sales. It may be a couple of weeks before a sale comes around. However, I start looking well in advance of my last bottle of laundry soap or last package of toilet paper!

A little observation and planning can save you a ton of money on household items! It’s your turn to share. How do you stockpile? Have you learned any tips about the grocery store sale cycle?


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    Thanks for linking up this week!

    This is such great information. I have a sheet from Be Centsable that talks about cycles but I totally forgot about that!


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