Learn a new language with Babbel (Review and Giveaway!)

Learn a new language with Babbel (Review and Giveaway!)

*Disclosure I received a 1 month subscription to babbel.com to facility my review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂



Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but didn’t know where to start? Babbel is your solution! Babbel is a language learning program that makes learning a new language easy and fun! Babbel offers courses in 13 different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Danish,and Norwegian.)The Babbel learning system is based on a mix of methods that combines insights into language didacts research, such as communicative and cognitive approaches, with current learning trends.The primary learning objective is to be able to handle real communication situations as quickly as possible.I chose to learn some German because it is such a cool language that I have always wanted to learn!

Here is how I learned some German using Babbel:



After logging into to Babbel and choosing the language you want to learn, you will be directed to your lessons! This is great for first timers, or someone who just wants to brush up on their skills! I personally had never learned any German (other then hearing Hedie Klume say Auf Wiedersehen on project runway!) So I started out very simply on lesson 1. I first learned a few of the most basic words spoken in German, and actually hearing them spoken really helped a lot! After hearing them, I was directed to match the words, and then type them myself! You also have the choice to use your mic to actually speak the words and get told how you did!


After completing every course Babbel tells you how you did, and how many errors you had, so you can keep up with your progress as you go along! You can always repeat a course to improve your score (and your knowledge) as well!


Another cool aspect of Babbel is the chat room! You can choose the language you are working on, and talk to other people learning with you! It’s a great way to practice what you have learned, and gets some tips from other users!

So are you ready to learn a new language? Make sure to visit Babbel.com to get started today! Also check out the Babbel Facebook Page and Twitter to keep up with all the latest information and specials!

So are you ready for the Babbel Giveaway?

Babbel has offered 2 lucky fans a 1 year subscription to Babbel.com! Enter using the rafflecopter below, and good luck! (If you don’t see the rafflecopter at first, please give it time to load!)

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  1. Christina Franks says

    For work purposes I would do Spanish, I took to years in school but it was all proper and they use slang. But I also want to learn to speak my ancestors language of German.

  2. Ashley Trail says

    I am teaching my son ASL, but I would like him to learn Spanish and French. My fiance is Greek and of course he would like the kids to learn Greek but that’s what we want Spanish is much more useful and practical .

  3. Shannon says

    I would love to learn spanish! more than high school spanish that the only thing i remember is how to get to the library and where is the bathroom!!

  4. Kimberly Frazee says

    French my niece needs help with big time. She isn’t doing good in French at all and it is bumming her out to the point she doesn’t want to take it next year. I believe this is good as a career move to have under her belt later in life and would hate to see her give it up.

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