Leapfrog Party

Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored Mommy Party. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Leapfrog Party

Leapfrog Party

My kindergartners were delighted to be a part of this awesome experience. Prior to the Leapfrog party date, the students made frog hats! They were so excited for the day to finally arrive.

WE did many activities; first we did a reading activity. The students listened to “The Special Lunch”. Each student had the opportunity to use the LeapReader and touch the book. They also listened to Monsters University…They were happy to wear the 3-D glasses as they enjoyed the story.

Next, we did some writing activities. Ks enjoyed Tad”s Song. After this activity, the Ks enjoyed Talking Words Factory. This activity involved shaving cream. Each student was given a squirt of shaving cream at his desk. The LeapReader prompted the student to write a certain vowel in his shaving cream. All students loved this one!

Finally, the students experienced two listening activities with the help of the LeapReader. The students listened to T-Rex”s Mighty Roar. They loved the part where they could Roar back!! On the final activity, Ks did the Alphabet Dough-Get Ready for Kindergarten. Ks made letters with Play-Doh while the LeapReader played lively music.

My class loved the LeapFrog books and the LeapReader! They enjoyed all of the activities very much. I did, too!! Thank you, LeapFrog!!!

Reviewed by Darlene Parks for MadameDeals!

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