Kroger trip: Spent $94.14

Okay so the update…. so last week I had to run to Food lion because I had a sick child. I spent $56.00 on anything and everything I thought she would eat. She had not eaten in two days other than fluid she would not touch food. I could not believe the total. WOW! That is what happens when you do not plan and you shop quickly without coupons. I was shocked.

This is before I went shopping. Yeah, not sure why I felt the need to shop but we were out of yogurt and wipes.

I spent $94.14 and the total prior to coupons and savings was $158.64 so I didn’t spend $64.15.

So what are we eating?

Mussels Marinara

Mahi Mahi and fresh Brussels sprouts

Wild rice stuffed chicken

Salmon with pan fried potatoes and asparagus

Turkey Tacos

Bacon Cheeseburgers


I have to put a plug out there for the healthy choice steam meals. I bought 5 for $1.98 each and then I used a coupon to get the 6th for free.  They are really yummy and $1.78 each .

I used our Kroger list.

I am just like everyone else check the list and print it out.. and hope max doesn’t rip it while we are shopping.

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