Kroger Trip: Organic Food Savings

Yes, you can shop organic and save money!  Heather is a friend of mine who over a year ago asked me how she could save money using coupons.  I quickly learned most of her shopping is of the “organic” brand.  I personally do not shop organic.  However, despite the differences in what we purchase each week, I filled Heather in on the “ins and outs” of basic couponing and off she went on her own.  Well, she’s a pro now and just starting her own blog, Here’s Your Change.

Here’s Heather’s most recent Kroger shopping trip … complete with organic bargains in italics and a photo (from a cell phone with a dying battery)!

3 pints grape tomatoes* on sale $2.50 ea
4 Nature Valley Granola Thins $2.79 –(4) $.75/1=$2.04 ea, & a $5.00 gift card wyb4
Kettle chips (14oz was better deal than 5oz on sale) $4.99 -$1/1 =$3.99
3 Santa Cruz juice* $2.50- $.75=$1.75 ea
RW Knudsen juice* $2.00 ;( last one
2 Silk Almond milk $2.50-$2.00/1=$.50 ea
2 Heinz Ketchup* $2.49-$2.00=$.49 ea
4 Muir glen diced tomatoes* $1.67-$1/2=$1.17 ea
Muir glen stewed tomatoes* (big can) $2.50
2 Kroger shredded cheese $1.77 ea
Cascadian frozen peas* $2.89- $.75/1 =$2.14
Natures Paradise frozen spinach* $1.69
2 Green Giant frozen veggies $1.-$.50/1=free
Trident gum for my good boy $1.09 no coupon…gasp
2 Suave deodorant $.88-$1/2 =$.38 ea
Paid $48.27 and received a $5 gift card

Retail value – $96.02 … saved 55%.

You, too, can shop organic and save money.  Many people comment to me “there are only coupons for processed and packaged foods.”  That is not the case.  Many of the organic food companies are now offering coupons for their products.

We look forward to hearing more from Heather about her organic couponing journey!

Any questions for her? … post your questions below and we’ll answer them in a future post.

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