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kroger produce


Just back from a quick run to Kroger. I was pleasantly surprised with some produce markdowns. Kroger has great markdowns on produce, meat and sometimes dairy products that are getting close to the sell by date. Today I was able to get organic broccoli & carrots, shitaki mushrooms and sugar snap peas on markdown. I will throw the peas in the freezer for later. Broccoli slaw and sauteed mushrooms will accompany tonight’s pork loin, yummy!

I really didn’t need much at Kroger due to the stockpile I have. I ended up buying yogurt, coffee creamer, produce, Tyson chicken strips (ended up being .95¢ after e-coupon & paper coupon), Santa Cruz organic lemonade (.50¢ after coupon), bread, margarine, and a couple of snacks.

I spent $18.40 and saved $10.44 according to the receipt, although I know it was more than that since the markdowns do not reflect on the receipt.



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