Kroger Mega Event:

I made a decision I am going to shop every other week. I decided this because I only have one day a week off from work and I would rather not be grocery shopping. Gasp, just because I save money grocery shopping  doesn’t mean I want to do it.  Here is the list I used!

I spent $181.25 and Saved $103.60

I bought 129 items for an average cost of $1.40 each

Some of the expensive items 2lbs of shrimp $10, Pull ups after coupons $7.00, Formula two cans $9.58 each with coupons, Chicken $6.00, Sausage for the lasagna $4

I am tacky enough to post my freezer prior to shopping just so you know we do have food and we are not going to live off of cans. This is before everything I bought was added. The can stock up is because the baby is moving into food he can pick up and veggies at $.50 a can or less it is a super deal. We also have an apple juice issue here so I bought 5 of them. When they are $1.49 a bottle I stock up and then there was the goldfish addiction that my children have so I bought 6 of those at $1.00 each. Finally, I had to buy my husband a treat $10 worth of Sobe because it is better than soda.

Here is my menu for the next two weeks.. we got out to eat once a week or we pick up take out usually pizza or chinese:

Chicken and spinach soup

Burgers and Chili Dogs

Bake Potato Bar

Black Eye Pea Soup

Roasted Chicken

Left over Lo Mein will use the rest of the shrimp and left over roasted chicken

Steak and Potatoes

Slow Cooker Lasagna

Shrimp and alfredo Sauce

Chicken Parm Subs

Crab Cakes

Lemon Fish and baked  potatoes

If you would like to see all the deals this week check out our printable list.

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