Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Pheel the Moment Facebook App

Do you love sharing memorable photos on Facebook? I discovered a super cool new Facebook app that I’m sure lots of you will love. Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese has introduced ”Pheel the Moment,”  a Facebook application that you can easily use to customize your Facebook photos and transform them into a moving video slideshow combined with music and special effects. And the best thing is that it is free and super easy to use, it will simply pull photos from your existing personal Facebook albums afterwards you can share it with your family & friends.

I tried the app myself and with just one click it chose several photos from my account, I was actually surprised that it was able to choose some photos from the past that I have already forgotten. There’s also an option where you can even personalize it yourself and choose the photos that you want to feature, making sure that you can hide those “embarassing photos” that you don’t want anyone to remember *wink! And my favorite part of this slideshow is the music, the song Something to Remember is just so heartwarming and the version used in the app never fails to perk up your day. I strongly suggest that you try this app asap and I assure you that you’ll love how it makes your photos extra special and more memorable. Click here to check out the slideshow that I made.

No wonder why this app has already been picked up by some celebrities and was featured on,, and Tori


I have been selected by Kraft Foods to participate in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese ”Pheel the Moment” blogger program. While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments.

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