Kmart Super Double Coupons 7/4/10

kmart logoKmart is having Super Double coupons on Health & Beauty Items this week! There is a limit of (5) coupons per day and you must use your Shop Your Way Rewards Card (free to join). Kmart will double coupons up to $2 on Health & Beauty products only. So a $2 coupon will become $4 off. Check out a list of participating stores before you head out!

Our local Kmart is participating; although I don’t know that I will go with a limit of (5) coupons. If you live close to a participating Kmart, you should be able to score some good deals.

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  1. Don says

    7/4/10 I called Kmart in my area, stores that are listed as participating; they don’t know anything about this event! Called customer service for kmart stores and they didn’t know either. Where was this event advertised? How did you find out about it?

    • Madame Deals says

      Hi Don,
      I just called Kmart customer service and they did say that there is Super Double coupons this week. The number I called was 1-866-562-7848. Unfortunately, Sears/Kmart have a history of communicating poorly with store employees about promotions. I would call your local store again and ask for the manager. The list of participating stores is put out by Kmart corporate.

  2. Don says

    I called that number and the man said they only handled online info. Is there an ad or announcement from Kmart that I can refer to? Where did you see this event advertised?

  3. Madame Deals says

    Hi Don,
    The Kmart Super Doubles has been listed on several coupon forums and many coupon blogs. Plus the list of participating Kmart locations put out by Kmart should be good proof.

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